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Here’s The Actual Cost Of Making An iPhone 12 Pro That Sells At ₹1,19,900 In India

If buying an Apple Phone, you are ought to pay for the brand value that it comes intact with. And happens to be, the brand value it attracts makes a significant share of the overall price tag.

Source – Geeky News

Whenever an Apple phone is announced, tech geeks conduct a teardown of the same to actually find how much the phone actually costs. And with iPhone 12, there is no exception.

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A Japanese teardown firm Fomalhaut Techno Solutions recently got its hand on the brand new iPhone 12 Pro and it tore it down to find the actual piece of all the hardware used to make the same.
Source – Apple

The report calculates the Bill of Materials (BoM) for the iPhone 12 Pro, rounding it off to just $406, nearly Rs 30,000. In comparison, the price tag on the device is $999 in the US and Rs 1,19,900 in India.

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However, you must note the fact that the aforementioned price doesn’t take into consideration the R&D cost and the overall real cost of the phone.

Source – Reuters

The teardown company informs that the most expensive component used in the device is the Qualcomm X50 5G modem, used for providing 5G connectivity. The modem costs somewhere around $90.

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Also, the phone entails a $40 Apple’s A14 Bionic chipset, RAM that costs $12.8, $19.2 for the flash memory and between $7.4 and $7.9 for the Sony cameras.

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With this, the BoM for the iPhone 12 comes out to be $373, around Rs 27,500. The iPhone model sells for Rs 79,900 in India.

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