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Priyanka Chopra Is Going To Be Sister-In-Law Of This Leading Star Of Game Of Thrones

Priyanka Chopra is climbing the stairs of swagger, one step at a time.

She has already worked and earned the respect of Hollywood and Bollywood alike. Her love life with Nick Jonas is sorted. Her wedding is around the corner and now she is going to be officially related to a leading star from the Game Of Thrones Cult.

nick priyanka
How amazing is that?

I mean, the kind of life PC has molded for herself, this new relationship which will form soon enough seems like the cherry on the top.

So who is going to be PC’s Sister-in-law?

Well, Priyanka is soon to tie wedding knots with Nick Jonas. And soon after they do so, Nicks elder brother will tie knots with ‘Sophie Turner’.

Oh yeah, the one and only ‘Sansa Stark’ from the immensely popular HBO series Game of Thrones.
sophie turner and priyanka chopra

The rumors about the love life of Sophie and Joe began in late November 2016, when they both were spotted together. Later, in October 2017, Turner announced her engagement with Jonas on Instagram.

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sophie turner and joe jonas

But, it seems Nick and Priyanka’s wedding is the first one to be arranged. Because Sophie and Joe haven’t commented anything about their wedding dates as such.

The irony of the future relationship!

Being an Indian I can’t help but giggle inside. Let me tell you why.

If you go by Indian customs, Nick and Priyanka should be the younger couples when compared to Sophie and Joe. Because Joe is elder to Nick by three years. And Sophie, after getting married to Joe, will become ‘Sister-in-law’ ie “Bhabhi” of PC.


The irony, however, is that PC is the eldest of all four. I mean, she is 36 years old. Nick is 26, Sophie is 22 and Joe is 29. But she should be the youngest if we consider customs and relationships that are usually seen in India. But this is PC we are talking about, so just forget it.

LOL. Nevermind.

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Anyway, moving ON!!

I don’t know how else to react to this. But hey, no matter what, Kudos to PC. She has bagged in all the epic things in her life’s goodie bag and made anyone and everyone jealous of what she can achieve.

Currently, PC is in NewYork where she met Sophie and was seen hanging out along with Sonali Bedre, who is there too for her ongoing cancer treatment.

sonali bendre, sopihie turner and priyanka chopra in New york

No matter how many memes are generated with PC in the picture, it really isn’t going to have any effect on her life whatsoever. Because that’s the attitude she lives with.

Carefree and classy. Total respect for that. 
Do you agree? 

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