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Stop Posting Your Child’s Pictures Online, You Are Putting Their Life In Danger

After becoming a parent, clicking and posting your child’s pictures online, can become your sole obsession.

After all, your baby looks so cute and sharing their pictures with your friend and family is just normal. Or is it not?

You might never pay attention to it, but posting your child’s pictures online on social media can cause harm to them. Wondering how? Here is why you shouldn’t share pictures of your kid online.

1. It can attract a pervert

Posting Your Child's Pictures Online

By posting naked pictures of your kid you invade their privacy, they’ll become the part of those tinny winny jokes at school. Not just this, but it can catch the eye of a pervert who can misuse the picture.

2. Never post sick or injured pictures of your kids

Posting Your Child's Pictures Online

Though posting such pictures will help you gain social sympathy, but it can also make you weak, who is always looking for sympathy. Getting likes and comment from other people asking what happen to your kid is not a good option.

3. It can make them less confident

Posting Your Child's Pictures Online

Parents who post pictures to shame their kids can affect negatively on their kid. Calling them fat or black on social media can make them feel less confident in their life. Never ever do that with your kid.

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4. You are providing information personal information

Posting Your Child's Pictures Online

By posting your child’s pictures online wearing their school uniform or them staying at Nana’s house. You might not notice, but you scream your whereabouts on the social media that can be used by kidnappers.

5. No one wants the pictures of their private part get leaked

Posting Your Child's Pictures Online

Every time your kid learns something new, it’s an achievement for them and an occasion to celebrate for you. But posting their pictures using the bathroom are not recommended as no one wants the pic of their private part gets leaked on the internet.

6. Pictures near unsafe things attract unwanted criticism

Posting Your Child's Pictures Online

You like to keep unsafe things like a torch, kife, beer, etc out of your kids reach because you know they are unsafe to them. Then why post their pictures playing near a sharp knife on the internet. It will only make you look like a careless parent.

7. You are setting a bad example

Posting Your Child's Pictures Online

By posting their pictures all the time and then getting happy to see all those likes and comments, you are setting a bad example. They learn for you, seeing you always with your phone will make them do the same.

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8. Identity theft

Posting Your Child's Pictures Online

By posting all the cute pictures of your kids on social media, you provide new data to many companies who can use it before asking for your consent. This happens mostly happen in marketing when agencies use the identity of your kid as the new face of their brand without asking.

In Conclusion:

Don’t worry you can still share those cute smiles of your kids on social media to let the world see it. Just think before posting your child’s pictures online, make sure you are not put them in any sort of danger.

Also try to post a lower resolution image, so that one can’t misuse your kid’s pictures.
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