Problems You Can Face If Government Ban Internet With Solutions

The government always made it their priority to ban the internet when any mishap or tragic incident or violent scenario breaks out in the country. The motive behind this move is always to restore peace while disrupting the communication between the incident planners. People with the aim to spread violence majorly use social media to spread hate messages to provoke public violence. And also, it may sound weird but the Government may ban the internet in the view of any major examination to prevent students from cheating.

10 Problems You Can Face If Government Ban Internet With Solutions

Government Forced Internet Ban

In India, it has become very common now for the Government to ban Internet services in case of elections, major examinations, violence breakout events, etc. The ban can last for a few hours or even for a few days and can be imposed in only a city or may cover the whole state. The major cause of concern is that to restore peace the Government can opt for any method and a common man cannot even question it. That’s why we have prepared this article for you to at least prepare yourself in case of no Internet scenario. You will read about the problems that can disrupt your daily lifestyle, that too with solutions.

Here Are The Problems You Can Face If Government Bans the Internet:

No Internet No Money Transfer Services

It doesn’t matter how many methods you know to transfer money from your phone, they don’t work if there is no Internet. Also, you can’t completely rely on UPI services, even offline UPI services like dialling *99#. Because the Government put a stop there too. If digital payments fail you can face problems like paying for daily living.


Carry enough cash with you all the time so that in case of emergency you can at least buy food or can pay travel expenses.

No Access To Digital Documents

I have created a folder on my G Drive which says ‘Documents’ and every time if required it allows me to access my files. But will it work if the Government shuts down the Internet? The answer is obviously no. Even Digi locker will also not work.


Always have physical copies of your documents, not all only the major ones, in your bag. Trust me this idea will never let you down.

No Navigation Services With No Internet

If you are in a city from where you don’t belong and internet services are switched off with the Government orders, then it will be a difficult situation for you to navigate without the Internet.


The best solution to this problem is Google Maps. Yes, in Google Maps there is a facility for you to download offline maps up to a particular region. Also, the offline map will be downloaded to your phone memory, so the need to access the internet to navigate will be over.

No HD Voice Calls And SMS

With unlimited data packs that provide unlimited calling and SMSs, everyone has forgotten about recharging their phones with balance. What if your 4G connectivity is lost, then you will not be able to make calls, and 2G connectivity is all you got.

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Always have a sufficient amount of balance in your SIM card despite having unlimited data packs to access a 2G connection.

Tips In Case Of Internet Emergencies

Broadband Connection

Get installed a broadband connection despite having mobile recharge. The reason is, that sometimes the Government spares broadband connections and only mobile networks are shut down.

Songs And Movies

Always have the best song collection downloaded on your phone so that you can enjoy the vibes while the Internet is down. And for movie lovers, I will suggest the same.

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Reliable VPN Connection

Sometimes the VPN trick works if the Internet service is banned by the Government. This trick may or may not work but give it a try. Paid VPN services are the best, but some apps also provide reliable service for free.

2G Handset

In case of emergency 2G handset can be a life saviour to maintain your connection with the outside world. This asset has the best battery life and has features like FM Radio, Mp3, SD Card connection etc.

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