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10 Best Replies To Google’s Question ‘Why Do Indians Keep Proposing Google Assistant To Marry Them?’

Google India came up with a very interesting question, which was about Indians proposing Google Assistant.

Apparently, Indians keep asking Google Assistant to marry them, so Google wanted to know. Using the latest ‘Really, really’ meme, Google India asked: “We really, really, really… want to know why you keep asking the Google Assistant to marry you.”

Just like Siri, Google Assistant is an AI. It is basically an AI-powered virtual assistant available on smartphones and smart home devices. But Indians were seen to have a totally different demand from the AI. They want to marry it!

Why are Indians proposing Google Assistant?

Turns out that there is a lack of girlfriends in the life of Indians. Which is why they have been repeatedly asking the AI assistant to marry them. And with the trend of #reallyreally going on Twitter, it became easy for netizens to pour out their creative replies onto the Google platform when Google presented the question.

The replies on why they keep proposing Google Assistant

From declaring marriage with Google Assistant to accusing Google of invading privacy, the replies were sarcastic, mean and hilarious. There were also some people, who defended Google and said that they know how much Google Assistant loves them.

We have picked the best ones for you.

Some came up with proofs that Google assistant had no issues getting married or being proposed. They simply chose to ignore Google India’s question and put up these replies-

1. This guy declared his marriage with AI

proposing Google assistant

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2. But this guy is still trying to impress her

proposing Google assistant

Then came the direct replies of Indians to Google’s question of why they keep asking  Google Assistant to marry them.

3. This Indian replied in a Gangs of Wassseypur style

proposing Google assistant

4. Another Indian blamed it on Indian mom

proposing Google assistant

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ViralBake Telegram

5. These guys had a valid point

proposing Google assistant

6. One ‘Kim John Misra’ got offended and went Mirzapur crazy

 proposing Google assistant

7. Some were blunt and straightforward with their response

proposing Google assistant

8. One was obsessed with YouTube and the other questioned Google India’s authority (LOL)

 proposing Google assistant

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9. Then came ‘Sacred Games’ fans

proposing Google assistant

10. And finally, someone came up with the real answer. To STOP AI invasion

proposing Google assistant .

Well, Google now you know why!

You can check the entire trail of comments on the tweet, as we can’t showcase all of them. What about you, what would your reply be? Rather, should I ask, ‘Have you been proposing Google assistant too?’ ‘I am sure you must have found some logic in the responses as to why Indians are in love with Google Assistant.

And if not, why don’t you give it a try and come up with a better answer.

Drop in your replies! 

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