Protect Yourself from WhatsApp Scammers: Avoid These Suspicious Numbers

WhatsApp frauds from overseas numbers appear to be on the rise. Several WhatsApp users have received calls from unknown overseas numbers in the last few days. These calls include both voice and video. While the fake calls from overseas numbers on WhatsApp are not new, there has allegedly been a surge in such calls in recent days. Many users have also reported receiving similar calls from overseas numbers on social media platforms such as Twitter.

We are all aware that WhatsApp calls are sent via the Internet. According to media sources, there are organizations in operation that offer foreign numbers for WhatsApp calls in the same city as you. As a result, as would a cellular call, anybody can call from such numbers without incurring international call rates.

Some Whatsapp Numbers From Which These Calls Originate

WhatsApp users are receiving calls from foreign numbers in Ethiopia (+251), Malaysia (+60), Indonesia (+62), Kenya (+254), Vietnam (+84), Mail (+223), and other countries. It is crucial to remember that these calls may not necessarily originate in these nations. The reason for this is that WhatsApp calls are done over the Internet. According to reports, agencies may sell these overseas numbers to local crooks. Some of those numbers are:

  • +1 (202) 972-4547
  • +62 822-1897-3796
  • +7 903 858-27-50
  • +62 838-6620-5224
  • +84 38 341 6618
  • +1 (938) 336-5344
  • +1 (812) 777-7539
  • +62 895-4007-39893

What Can Whatsapp Users Do To Protect Themselves?

WhatsApp Fraud

The first and most important tip for avoiding such calls on WhatsApp is to never accept calls from unknown numbers. This guideline applies to both video and audio WhatsApp calls. Another critical step is to block and report such numbers. While users may ban the number on both WhatsApp and the dialer app, they can only report it on WhatsApp.

Another form of fraud being reported is receiving job offers over WhatsApp chats. The scammers pretend as representatives of a respected organization and offer you a part-time job that you can complete from the comfort of your own home. In most cases, fraudsters initially encourage clients by offering a small incentive for completing a “task.” After receiving their money, the victim begins to believe the fraudsters and becomes entangled in a much larger scam that might cost them a lot of money. Many such incidents have been documented in the past, and a few Twitter users have also highlighted the fraud to raise awareness.

How To Block The Phone Number On WhatsApp

To block a number on WhatsApp, initiate a chat with the contact and then tap More > Block. By launching the app and selecting More options > Settings > Privacy > Blocked contacts, users may see their blocked contacts list. They can add contacts to the list by searching for or choosing the contact to be blocked.

Users will not receive messages, calls, or status updates from blocked contacts.

How To Report The Phone Number On WhatsApp

Users of WhatsApp can also report the contact by selecting Report contact > Block.

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