Protecting Your Confidential Data With Guest Mode for Privacy Protection

If you live in a home where people often beg to use your phone, or if you just want to keep the contents of your phone concealed and confidential from your friends or close connections, there is a tip that may be beneficial to you.

Why Do You Need A Guest Mode?

On Android phones, Google provides a profile system that is very beneficial if you are letting someone use your phone for a short time. “A guest profile is for someone using your device for a short time,” 

Google states in its documentation. “Like a user, the guest profile has its own space on the device, but it’s easier to delete this space when a guest is done with the device.”

While a guest profile conceals your files and personal information from other users, it still connects to the same Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices as the primary profile. If you want to allow someone else to use your Android phone for a time, you should enable the guest profile. All of your files, messages, texts, emails, images, and music would be safe from unauthorized access.

Users can also add and remove visitors at any moment. However, setting up a guest profile on each manufacturer’s Android phone may change, so you may need to modify the instructions somewhat.

How to Enable Android Guest Mode

  • On your Android device, open the Settings app. Scroll down and select Users & Accounts or a related function.
  • If you wish to skip steps, type “multiple users” or “guest mode” in the top search box.
  • Toggle on the “multiple users” option after you’ve found it. If you select this option, each user will have their profile on your phone.
  • When this option is enabled, users will be able to “add user.”
  • When you tap on the newly created profile, you may quickly swap.
  • Switching back is as straightforward; simply repeat the previous steps and select the administrator profile. Before switching, enable the visitor to make calls and send messages by tapping on the Allow calls and SMS option in the guest settings.

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