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Get Rid Of The Extra Body Fat Use These 3 Psychological Ways To Lose Weight

Lossing weight is very easy, according to maths. All you have to do is consume fewer calories than required or do more exercise to remove extra calories from your body.

In order to lose a kilogram you roughly need to cut back 7,000 calories. You can’t do it in one day, but if you try to consume 500 fewer calories in your daily diet, you can easily take care of that extra kilogram in 10 days.

Though, the reality is completely different. Numbers don’t match-up as you just can’t stop yourself from consuming fewer calories.  It requires work to do. Luckily, there are 3 simple psychological studies that prove ‘how you can easily lose your weight.’

1. Make a food journal

Psychological Ways To Lose Weight

I know it sounds kind of lame. I mean, who keeps a track of the food they eat? Maybe not you, but you should start doing it if you are trying to lose weight. Recently, a joint study was published by the University of Vermont and the University of South Carolina.

The study explained how the researcher’s had asked 150 volunteers to keep track of everything they eat. The research went on for 6 months. And the result revealed that the people who did manage to keep a food journal (by writing on it every day), has lost most of the extra weight from their body.

Shocked?? Even I was, but it is true. So, take out a small notebook and keep a pen handy. Just note down whatever you stuff yourself with and trust me, it might take time but it will work in your favor and before you know it, you will lose weight.

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2. You won’t eat it if you don’t see it

Psychological Ways To Lose Weight

In a study performed in 2013, it was found that eating is an automated process. If there is food in your sight, it can influence our intake, thereby increasing your calorie count. Though it can be easily disrupted if there is an obstacle (even a very small obstacle) between you and your food.

Volunteers invited for the study were divided into two groups to taste candies. One group was offered the wrapped candies while the other group had the opportunity to enjoy unwrapped candies.

People who had to unwrap their candies ate 3 candies on average while the other group ate 5 candies on average. This shows how you can trick your mind to eat less. Make sure that all your office drawers are empty and there is no food item in your sight.

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3. Try not to go that way

Psychological Ways To Lose Weight

How often do you pick-up food on your way to work or on your way back home? Mostly, it happens just because your favourite restaurant falls en route to your house. A study published by a clinical dietitian and author Timi Gustafson revealed how your behaviour can destroy your plans to eat healthily.

Try not to go that way, change your route so that your favourite restaurant won’t come in your way. This way you can take control of your habit of grabbing a cookie jar from your favorite bakery or buying that rich chicken korma from a Mugali restaurant.

If you take control of this habit, it will help you stop your cravings and thereby end up bringing down your calories count. Within a few months, you will end up losing weight without joining a gym or running for miles. It’s a better way, don’t you think?

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In Conclusion:

Losing weight isn’t that hard right. Especially now, when you know these 3 psychological ways to lose weight. You don’t need to try those weight loss supplements and pills. Those fat burning pills are not good for your health, use these psychological ways to lose weight in a natural way.

Psst, it will also save you a lot of money. Just saying!! 

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