1 Million PUBG Players Banned For Cheating; Check How To Avoid It

More than 11, 10,942 PUBG players banned permanently from accessing the game during the report from March 5 to March 11. To be specific, these accounts cannot be revived now as they are kicked out of the game completely.

In the latest report released, PUBG Mobile has announced that over 1 million players’ account is deleted who cheated by using hacks. Thanks to the massive population for such a large user base of PUBG Mobile, but at the same time, some players’ outbreak the game by using hacking techniques.   

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The cheating in PUBG Mobile generally includes using auto-aim hacks, X-ray vision, and speed hacks. They also say that it spoils the gameplay for other players. Therefore, to uphold the decorum, PUBG Mobile launched the anti-cheat system a couple of months back.

Major Reasons for the Ban

These accounts include some bots accounts that players create to help them win a match. As per the PUBG Mobile report, the key reasons for the ban are:

  • Auto-Aim Hacks
  • Speed Hacks
  • X-Ray Vision

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Ways to Avoid PUBG Account Ban

You can also check the stats in the latest anti-cheating report released between March 5 and March 11. However, if you are a PUBG Mobile player, then you may look at the steps to avoid them.

You must understand that PUBG Mobile does not permit you to use hacks and/or cheats in the game. Therefore, using such hacks gives you an upper edge over your enemies who are playing fairly without these hacks. So, stop using any kind of cheats and hacks (if you are using) and play the game fairly to avoid discontinuing your PUBG Mobile account.

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