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This Amazing Artist of Nature, Seeks Love In The Most Romantic Way Possible

An utterly romantic and immensely talented artist of nature, this guy has a unique way of impressing his mate that can fail all the proposals and gifts we have so far heard of.

He is a small, beautiful creature of the sea called a Puffer-fish or a Blow-fish.


What does he look like?

Well, although he is one of the most dull-looking fishes in the vast oceans of Japan, but that is because it has a similarity with the chameleons to change colors to hide behind the surrounding if it senses danger.


Not the brightest bulb in the sea but the most talented one no doubt.

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An artist of nature

To grab the attention of his favorite female, he does something that defies all the laws of gravity and of nature. It creates something so astonishing and beautiful, you would be stunned to the core.

His only tools to create this art are his teeny-weensy fins, but his brain is already weaving a diagram of mathematical perfection.


To create something nature-defying to please his girl, this mastermind begins by ploughing the sand and breaking it into tiny particles.


Then he picks up the shells from the sea in his little mouth and decorates the ridges of his construction.


To avoid getting his creation destroyed by the powerful currents of the sea, he works day and night for almost a week to finish it without resting.


After the infinite hours of labor on his creation of a masterpiece, he even does a final tidying up to give it a finishing touch.


And voila!!

The Artist is done with his most amazingly baffling masterpiece inside the core of an ocean.


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There is hardly another animal on the face of the earth or inside the ocean that creates such a complex and perfectly dazzling piece of art.


Look at the precision with which each mount and each ridge is constructed. Who would believe such a tiny fish could make something so out of the world beautiful.


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Well, if this doesn’t get him noticed by his favorite girl,


I am sure, this certainly will.


Well done Little buddy!! No sane girl can resist such a romantic.


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