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Hit Hard, Hist Fast And Hit With Precession: India Is Prepared with 140 Fighter Jets To Take Pulwama Revenge

Wet eyes, clenched fists, everyone is angry, ready to take revenge for the sacrifice of their fallen soldiers. As recently a Pakistani terrorist group Jaish-e- Mohammad sneakily attacked CRPF convoy in Kashmir.

This has cost the life of 44 soldiers, the terrorist unit used the man bomb to carry out this nasty attack on India. With wet eyes and clenched fists, we have already said goodbye to our fallen soldiers.

But that’s not it, India is prepared to hit hard, hit fast and hit with precision. As 140 fighter jets and attack helicopters are stationed near the border for Pulwama revenge.

Is India planning an air raid over Pakistan?

We are not living in the old India who would have stayed un-responsive to situations like this, in order to avoid war. But this is enough, everyone is furious and wants justice and revenge for their fallen soldiers.

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Modern India is not going to just sit around giving condolences to the family of our brave soldiers. India is going to take revenge, air strike could be their first move to clear off the terrorism.

But that’s not the only way to take revenge, as India is looking out for all the options to corner Pakistan. India has already hiked the customs duty on all goods importing to Pakistan to a total of 200%.

In Conclusion:

This time the wound is deep, Pulwama revenge is a certainty. There is no way we can live without revenge. Indian has stationed war-ready fighter jets and attack helicopters near the border. All the terrorist camps in Pakistan are shut down temporarily. Knowing they did wrong Pakistan is on a high alert. India is waiting for the opportunity to raid the attackers and take the Pulwama revenge at the time when they are least expecting it.

IAF (Indian Air Force) always be at the forefront, showing their ability to hit hard, hit fast and with precision. They can carry out the mission in dark, during adverse weather, which means the terror will come for Pakistan when they are least expecting it.

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