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Leopard Stuck Inside Hen’s Cage In Pune Gets Rescued

Mankind is scared of wild animals. And they should be.

But, it’s a piece of common news to spot a wild animal around populated villages now. Earlier the wild beasts used to confine themselves within the forest boundary. Thanks to deforestation, now wild animals don’t have their natural habitat anymore.

What happened in Pune?

The villagers of Otur village in Junnar district, Pune woke up around 7 am to the shrill cries of panicked out chickens. Alok Kumbhad who was the owner of the house immediately went out to his backyard for investigating the reason behind all the noise. His chicken coop was located in his backyard which stood next to the sugarcane fields.

Leopard stuck inside hen's cage

Once he reached the backyard, he found there was a leopard stuck inside hen’s cage. Of course, the leopard was hungry and sneaked in to get a chicken or two.

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Leopard stuck inside hen's cage

But he couldn’t anticipate his moves. The leopard stuck inside hen’s cage was terrified and so were the villagers.

Leopard stuck inside hen's cage

All the people around started panicking. And the leopard started running rampaging the cage.

Leopard stuck inside hen's cage

The leopard stuck inside hen’s cage had to be dealt with.

Watch the video here:

Was the leopard rescued?

Yes, the sugarcane field owner immediately informed the wildlife department to get rid of the wild leopard. The forest officials quickly responded and arrived at the village around 7.30 am.

“We installed nets across the periphery of the house to prevent the animal from escaping. The leopard was sedated using a dart gun and the operation ended by 9.30am,” said Dr. Ajay Deshmukh, senior veterinarian, MLRC.

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Is the leopard safe?

After that, the leopard was taken to Manikdoh Leopard Rescue Centre (MLRC) for a medical examination to check the after-effects of trauma.“The leopard is healthy right now, but we want him to recuperate from the trauma. He will be released into the wild soon,” said Deshmukh.

Though the male leopard was rescued and is safe now, it raises a question about the safety of villagers. This village is prone to leopard sightings and it is all because of the livestock and poultry the villagers keep. Even last Friday, a female leopard was rescued from another village which shows how common it is to spot a wild animal in these parts of Pune.

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In Conclusion:

These villages are settled in scrub forest areas which makes leopard sightings count as regular things. Though the villagers mostly live at peace with the animals, it still is dangerous for both. We will have to wait and see how far the coexistence is going to take mankind in the coming days.

After all, mankind has done nothing but lay waste to the forest, which is home to wild animals. And they are born beasts which is why they are called wild.

We can only pray that our world and theirs stay apart for as long as they can. 

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