Punjab 'Extends Lockdown And Curfew' For 2 Weeks - Viral Bake

Punjab ‘Extends Lockdown And Curfew’ For 2 Weeks

While the nation is looking towards lockdown 3.0 Punjab has again made the first move. The state on Wednesday extended the lockdown and Curfew by another 2 weeks. This would take the lockdown beyond the national lockdown that is to end on 3rd May.

Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh said that curfew will be relaxed between 7 am and 11 am. This would facilitate industries to start their work. Punjab, however, is not the first state to extend the lockdown. Telangana earlier extended the same till 7th May.

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So, far around 342 cases and 19 deaths due to the COVID-19. 101 people have been recovered in the state. 71 have been discharged from hospitals after recovery.

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