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This Video Proves Punjabiya Di Battery Humesa Charged Rehndi Hai

What word comes to your mind when you want to describe Punjabis?

Ever-ready energized folks, always on the lookout to find happiness. They party like there’s no tomorrow, right? Well, the incident that recently occurred in Canada proved the fact that Punjabi’s are truly the most excited folks in the world.

So, what exactly happened in Canada?

Apparently, a Punjabi family was having a get together in Canada and yeah, they sure as hell were making a lot of noise.

As the neighbors couldn’t stand their party spirit for long, they thought to take action. So, what did they do? They filed a noise complaint in the police department like responsible citizens. Poor souls, they thought that when the police car would arrive at the next door Punjabi residence, their enthusiasm and the noise, both will come down.

But did that happen? Absolutely NOT.

We all know the number of Punjabi’s are on an ever-increasing slope in Canada. And yes, you guessed it right, the cops that came over to investigate and shut down the noise were Punjabi’s themselves.

Punjabi noise complaint video Canada

Naturally, the reaction of the family was not what the neighbors expected. As soon as they realized that the cops were Punjabi too, they began cheering and singing with proud.

They even rapped with an epic two liner, “Maan Punjabi aye, Oh mera Pyar Punjabi aye. Oye mere Ghar raid padi, Oye police Punjabi aye”.

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Everyone present there burst out in laughter and the whole incident was recorded. Even the two Punjabi cops can be seen clearly smiling in the background.

Punjabi noise complaint video Canada

The video that was tweeted has already crossed over 2,200 retweets, 5,300 likes and has been viewed over 1,21,000 times.

It is receiving hilarious responses from people across the globe and everyone seems to be agreeing on the fact that the power supply of Punjabis, in terms of enthusiasm is always on top of the charts, even when there is a raid at their household.

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Watch the hilarious video here:

In Conclusion:

There. You know now, why you can never block their enthusiasm. Because the harder you try, the more reasons you end up giving them to shout aloud and rejoice the fact that they are Punjabis with ever-charged batteries.

Psst…the next time you want to stop a party, just drop the idea and join them instead. You will save yourself a facepalm. 

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