Indian Railways’ Introduced New Push-Pull Sleeper & Second Class Experience For Enhanced Comfort For Passengers

Indian Railways is always trying to enhance its infrastructure and customer services, introducing new trains, renovating stations, and launching the One Station, One Product initiative. In terms of scaling, Indian Railways operates nearly 10,000 trains every day, around 7,000 of which are passenger trains. Indian Railways has the largest railway network on the continent and the world’s second-largest too. Every day, it transports around 10 million people, most of whom are low-income group people.

Indian Railways is now introducing a new type of train called the push-pull train to improve the travel experience of the passengers traveling by Indian Railways. The new push-pull train is designed to move at 130 kilometers per hour and will give long-distance sleepers and second-class seating passengers a comfortable and easy travel experience.

According to the sources, the train would have continuous walkway lighting, luxurious and updated restrooms, a sufficient number of charging ports, and many other facilities.

The push-pull train will be renamed further after it is launched on Indian Railways. It would have eight second-seated cars to accommodate more unreserved passengers. The new launch will help migrant workers, who will be able to travel to their hometowns at a lower cost. Additionally, each second-seated coach will have the capacity to accommodate 100 people.

What Does The Railway Ministry Have To Say About It?

The push-pull mode of locomotive-hauled trains allows trains to be driven from both ends, with locomotives attached to both ends. “Advantages of running trains in push-pull mode include enhanced train operation safety, reduced journey time, a comfortable ride, and cost-effectiveness. Trains may be run with current rolling stock, the push-pull configuration is also a future-ready option for up to 160 kmph speed potential. Furthermore, it can eliminate the need for noisy and polluting power vehicles, conserving valuable diesel.” 

Push-Pull Trains Launch Date

According to the sources the push-pull train is now under production and will be available in October 2023. A total of two trains will get launched altogether.

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