Elon Musk ‘Claims’ Aliens Built The Pyramids Of Giza, Gets Schooled By Egypt’s Tourism Minister

SpaceX founder and Tesla CEO Elon Musk made a rather outlandish claim recently tweeting that Pyramids in Egypt have been erected by aliens. On July 31, Musk tweeted saying that it was the aliens that had built the famous Giza pyramids in Egypt. 

Giza Pyramids, as far as we know, are the tombs of Egypt kings who had ruled Egypt at some point of time in history. They are one of the seven wonders of the world.

BBC said that the tweet is a reult of many conspiracies about the pyramids. Some conspiracy theories say that things like the Pyramids of Giza are too good to have been made by humans and that to 1000s of years ago.

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As the claim was made, a host of people barge into the comment section to school Musk and interestingly, these comments share some really good knowledge about the pyramids.

The tweet by Musk particularly irked Egyptians as well as historians who have been studying these structures for years. She wrote, “They did not, Ancient Egyptians did. We even have ‘papyri’ that are like live tweets of pyramid construction at Giza. Happy to share resources you can get yourself educated.”

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Well, he did piss off the tourism minsiter too.

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Egyptian archaeologist Zahi Hawass quoted more proof to their local newspaper EgyptToday about how the pyramid is not built by aliens. “All the tombs around the great pyramid mention Khufu pyramid, the king himself and also inside the great pyramid there are inscriptions telling us about the workmen and the gangs who built the pyramids. The pyramid was a national project of the whole nation. Ramses II was an Egyptian from Sharqi. What you said is wrong and hallucinating,” Hawass was quoted saying.

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