8 Quickest Hangover Cures For You (Now That You’re Done With New Year’s Party)

New years eve is all about parties and events.

Everywhere, everyone drinks and dances to welcome the new year. But with that, comes a free gift- HANGOVER. No matter if you like it or not, you’ll be handed over this return gift personally.

Naturally, the next day when you wake up, your head rings and you feel pukish. But would you really want to stay like that on the first day of a new year? Of souse not. So, try these 8 quickest hangover cures and get back to normal before you know it-

1. Drink Water -lots and lots of it

quickest hangover cures

There is no better cure than gulping down the elixir of life. Drink as much as water you can. I know the visitations to the loo would increase but you’ll get better. After all, that’s how alcohol leaves your system.

2. Ginger and lime – crush it drink it

quickest hangover cures

If you don’t like just WATER, no issues. Just crush a little bit ginger and add a few drops of lime to warm water. Sip it and within a few minutes, you will relieve yourselves of that heavy head. Make sure to eat afterward.

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3. Chamomile tea- sip it or keep it

quickest hangover cures

This is yet another way which will not only cure your hangover but also help you get rid of puffy eyes. Once you have used the tea bag, put it over your eyes once they have cooled down.

4. Banana in breakfast

quickest hangover cures

Banana has magnesium in it. And your body lost a lot of it when you drank that tango punch. So, eat a couple of bananas and that’ll restore the amounts. Take rest and keep eating little portions of food in addition.

5. Coffee it is

quickest hangover cures

Coffee is proven to help you feel sober when you are still sloshed from the party last night. It will trick your brain into thinking that it is back to sober. One of the quickest hangover cures ever!

6. Go for a soup

quickest hangover cures

The perfect hangover cure is to eat something. When you drink healthy fluids, your stomach starts its work. While digesting the food, it also flushes out alcohol from your system.

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7. Ice it baby

quickest hangover cures

Use an ice pack if you are suffering from a massive headache. It will not only soothe those brain nerves but also reduce the puffiness from your bloated face. Eventually, eat something and drink lots of water.

8. Drag yourself back to bed

quickest hangover cures

If nothing suits you, drag yourself back to your comfy blanket. Nothing heals better than sleep. Keep water nearby and drink it whenever you can. That way you’ll need to pee and get up once and for all.

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In Conclusion:

I know, you love the feeling of being tipsy while you dance your heart out but frankly speaking, it sucks the next day. So, if you don’t want to waste the first day of 2019 in a hangover, try these 8 quickest hangover cures and get back to being the person you are.

On that note, happy drinking! 

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