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You Need To Follow Only These 3 Things To Quit Drinking

Apart from the most obvious reason that drinking can cause harm to your liver, there are many other less talked about reasons why you should quit drinking. But it’s not that easy. Drinking is a devilish habit that doesn’t want to leave your side. Especially if you are single or live alone. You don’t have to anyone to stop you from drinking.

And the problem is, you don’t want to accept that you have a drinking problem even though you show all the signs of alcoholism. But, even if you know you have a drinking problem, I understand it’s hard to cut back.

You must have tried different ways to limit your alcohol consumption. But nothing seems to work. Well, don’t worry here are 3 ways that can help you quit drinking.

1. Pay attention to your circle

friend group who forces drinking

What you do and which people you meet, can be the reason why it is too hard for you to stop drinking. You can’t change your life until you change things you do every day.

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Often, people you meet are the main reason that influences your drinking habits. For those who are trying to get away from drinking, it’ll be a wise option to play safe. Don’t just stay away from the bars and pubs, stay away from the friends who force you to drink.

2. Skip date in a bar and take her on a coffee date

coffee date

Do you think a date is incomplete without alcohol? Well think again, do a pro and cons analysis. Alcohol might help you to set your game but you know you are not going to stop after one drink.

Getting sloshed up and then asking if she is really into you or not is bound to happen. It’s good if you take her on a coffee date instead. You don’t have to deal with a hangover the next day, a coffee date is more romantic. Furthermore, when you are sober you can easily assess the chemistry.

3. What is someone force you or asks you why you are not drinking?

why aren't you drinking

First of all, it’s no one’s business to ask you why you are not drinking. Similarly, no one has the right to force you to drink and but there are people who like to poke their noses in others business.

In that case, honesty is the best policy, tell them you are trying to quit drinking. However, if you don’t want to openly admit that you are a recovering alcoholic. There are several excuses that you can you, you are driving back is one of them. Or you are on medication that you can’t mix with alcohol.

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In Conclusion:

Social peer pressure to drink is the most common excuse that people used to give to themselves. Although, in reality, once you tell people that you don’t want to drink all this social peer pressure will disappear. It’s not your friends who force you to drink, it’s your own will that can’t stay away from booze.

Everyone has something more important to do, rather than paying attention to what you are drinking!! 

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