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Quotes By Bharat Ratan CV Raman That Would Change Your Outlook

You might have heard of the term “Raman Effect” in your Physics textbook and have wondered how an Indian name rose up amongst the likes of western Physicist who dominated the domain.

Well, that was the brilliance of this genius son of motherland. As we celebrate the birth anniversary of Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman commonly known as CV Raman we must look back at the ideas and achievements of the person.

While his achievements range from being the first Asian and first non-white to receive a Noble Prize in the domain of science to being awarded the highest civilian honor of the country Bharat Ratan his ideas can be comprehended in his quotes.

Thus, we bring to you some of the quotes of Sir CV Raman that would change your outlook in life.

Learning From Failure

Don’t Afraid Of Being Judged

Asking The Right Questions

You Can Choose The Lesson You Want To Be Taught


Women Can Achieve More Than Men

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