R Praggnanandhaa: India’s Next Big Hope In Chess At 16

World Champion Magnus Carlsen was set bemused after he realized that he will lose eighth round of Airthings Masters rapid chess tournament which was held online. It was a shock to his opponent R Praggnanandhaa who was unable to contemplate what was happening on the other side of the world in Oslo. The 16 year old boy gracefully covered his mouth by his hands and stayed in silence as Magnus made one of the biggest mistakes of his life in Chess.

16 year old boy from Padi, suburb in Chennai India was shocked by the move made by Magnus Carlsen which made sure that he will lose the match. Praggnanandhaa said that he was so exhausted from the game that he just wanted to sleep after the game. It was his ‘I can’t believe it’ moment that he would not even think of even in his wildest dreams.

Magnus Carlsen is an undisputed emperor of chess and is unquestionable face of the chess. R Praggnanandhaa said that ‘Beating Magnus once is my biggest dream in life.” He said this to a newspaper after becoming second youngest Grandmaster in world four years ago. The 16 year old grand master said that Carlson has a solution to even most complicated problem.

Magnus Carlsen

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R Praggnanandhaa said that at the start of the game he pushed Carlson on a back foot but missed a very big chance to finish the game. In the middle of the game he regained his position and started piling pressure on Magnus. But in the end, Magnus cracked and made a huge blunder. In the past, only two Indians could defeat him, one was Vishwanathan Anand and another was P Harikrishna.

This victory was important for India as people now can look at potential successor of Vishwanathan Anand. He will also be a potential poster boy for Indian Chess League that will start from June and has prize money of Rs 2 crore. It was a great boost for R Praggnanandhaa as well because people almost forgot his name after he became second youngest grand master 4 years ago when he was just a child.

His coach R B Ramesh talked with Indian Express and said, “He is always cheerful and willing to learn, especially from his mistakes. He hates losing games, but does not sulk and moves forward. These traits will ensure that he would be a top player in the future.” He was also seasoned by Vishwanathan Anand for Chess Olympiad and taught him the potential of taking risks.

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