Bhai’s Fans Strike Back With Their Own Version Of Humor: Twitter Trolls Take U-Turn

Ever since the release of RACE 3 trailer, the movie has captivated the audience with its top-notch action scenes (Hollywood level) and most importantly the epic- dialogues!! (1000 kg’s of PUN intended)
And more than all of that, the memes and trolls that have been circulating all over the internet.

Anyway, the point is- who knew Race 3 would prove to become a life-time meme material to the humor industry?

The social media was flooding with race 3 memes and jokes. And we couldn’t help but laugh our brains off at some of these:

But as much as we could laugh on these hillarious tweets, Bhai’s fans have come out as soon as they heard the news that the movie crossed 100 crore mark in just 2 days.
And they all have some kickass comebacks to shoo away the trolls.

Check out some of these hilarious come backs for the trolls circulating all around the internet.








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