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Are Voters Losing Trust In Congress Because Of Rahul Gandhi’s False Statements?

Rahul Gandhi is a renowned name in the political empire but for all the wrong reasons.

We already know that he is famous for giving extraordinary speeches, providing unbelivable facts and blaming the opposition and making super false promises to woo voters.

Rahul Gandhi and his statements

rahul gandhi false statements

There is no shred of doubt that Rahul always finds unique ways to fool the voters. Ever since he stepped in the political grounds, he made a stand by delivering speeches that were literally out of the box. From claiming that Coca-Cola manufacturers used to sell shikanji earlier to swearing that he will build a machine that will turn potatoes into gold, he has done it all.

He also got trolled badly for claiming that Macdonald owner was a dhaabawala earlier.

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rahul gandhi false statements

No one is able to figure out how or why Rahul speaks what he speaks. Seems that it all comes to bagging votes in the elections and considering his last few statements, he isn’t doing a pretty good job at it. With each passing year, the voters clealry see that his promises were false and that is affecting his fan following.

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Voters losing trust? Why?

To be honest, we all know that politicians travel to far end villages and slums to gain votes during the time of elections. They promise roads, electricity, clean water, and the basics. But as soon as the elections end there is no sign of those ministers. Rahul has constantly been one of those cliched political leaders who have a Ph.D. in making false commitments.

This year, he came with an excellent scheme of making a fool out of the voters, which was, ‘Rs.12,000 per month to all the families who are below the poverty line’.

Later, he changed his statement to providing Rs.72,000 per annum to poor families.

Yes, the scheme sounds lucrative, right? But, if we go by the verdict of economists and government, it’s just not practical. According to them, even if there is a huge hike in taxes and a massive increase in all commodity prices, it will still not fulfill the Rs. 72,000 mark to each poor families.


Moreover, if you calculate 12×12, it should be Rs. 1,44,000. But according to Rahul, it is Rs. 72,000. But again, Rahul Gandhi knew this all along the way. Because hey, he has always made false promises and got away with it. Why not this time?

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But it seems that voters have finally gained the vision to differentiate between true and false commitments. Voters are losing trust on the Congress leader and are finding alternate leaders to put their faith in.

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Rahul Gandhi is the flag bearer of the Gandhi empire and Congress alike. It’s just sad to see him laying waste to his position and power to come up with nonsensical proposals, false commitments, and accusations. Voters have finally figured out the real trait of this leader and aren’t ready to trust him with the elections.

What about you, do you feel Rahul Gandhi can lead our nation?

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