Trending On Twitter #RahulGandhiPagalHai, Here Are Some Of The Funniest Tweet That You Should See - Viral Bake

Trending On Twitter #RahulGandhiPagalHai, Here Are Some Of The Funniest Tweet That You Should See

Netzines are going crazy over Rahul Gandhi. Again!

This time he has started a new #tag #RahulGandhiPagalHai.

Apparently, Rafel deal has become the new favorite topic of Congress politician Rahul Gandhi. And this time our dear ‘Rahul’ is accusing Prime Minister of making a corrupt deal with a foreign country. According to him, PM has made a deal that profits him but is a loss for our country.

Rahul is on the go

Not just this but he has also insulted our Defence Minister, French President, French Govt, Supreme Court, Indian Negotiating Team, IAF, and even CAG.

Seems like, Rahul is trying to diss everyone who is saying that there is nothing wrong with the Rafel deal. Internet never liked Rahul Gandhi (apart from trolling him ). On the contrary, the internet has always praised PM.

After listening to everything that Rahul has to say and seeing the results of all the audit that Rahul demanded, to find out if the deal was corrupt or not, netzines have finally reacted. There is a new #tag trending on twitter, #RahulGandhiPagalHai.

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Here are some of the funniest tweets that you should have read

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In Conclusion:

After watching all these twitter posts it seems like even New Yorkers believe Rahul would have to take a break from Politics. Share these memes, if you think Rahul Gandhi Pagal Hai otherwise you must have paid by the Congress.

Pick your side, fast!

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