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Raising The Voice: Pilot And YouTube Channel ‘Flying Beast’ Owner Captain Gaurav Taneja Exposes Serious Saftey And Regulations Lapse In AirAsia, Faces Suspension

While most of us believe that Airways are the fastest and the safest mode of travel the latter belief has been left exposed. Professional Pilot and YouTuber Gaurav Taneja aka ‘Flying Beast‘ (YouTube Channel name) have exposed these vulnerabilities. Gaurav who is working with AirAsia a Malaysian low-cost carrier has bought to notice certain lapses in rules and regulations.

Further, he has also bought to notice the highest regulatory body in the country for the sector Directorate General of Civil Aviation’s (DGCA) slowness in reacting to things when bought to notice. In a detailed video on his YouTube channel, Gaurav has explained all the things in detail.

First of all, he raised certain issues with AirAsia’s employee policy which are not a standard in the Industry. He said that the company call’s you on an off day if you had taken a sick leave earlier. To understand this take an example which he gives in the video. Suppose you have Sunday as an off and in mid of a week you take a sick leave then the company would ask you to come and work on Sunday as you have already taken the rest.

Gaurav Taneja
Source: ED Times

Gaurav says that to avoid losing an off a pilot comes to the job even if he is not well and risks the lives of all passengers. He says that the job requires the highest level of fitness and alertness as many lives are at stake. The company indulges in such things to save manpower he says. Another major issue that he points out is the pressure on pilots from AirAsia to save fuel.

Now, this is not always possible he says and in certain terrains and difficulties, they have to keep the safety of the passengers as 1st priority.  Pilots are pressurized to do 98 percent of landings in the “Flap 3” mode, which allows it to save fuel. He said if a pilot does not do 98 percent of landings in “Flap 3” mode, the airline considers it a violation of its standard operating procedure and he is given demerit points.

In the video, he explains how he bought this to the notice of higher authorities several times however no actions were taken. Rather questions on his fitness were raised (mind you Gaurav is also into bodybuilding and a fitness freak). Finally, when he got suspended after receiving several notices from the company trying to suppress or divert his voice he made a video and put the serious lapses in front.’

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The one serious thing that he says is that there is a ‘chalta hai attitude’ regarding to safety in the industry. This is not acceptable as for-profits and cost savings passengers who are not aware of such facts are putting their life in danger flying in the costliest most of transport in the country. Meanwhile, DGCA has said that they have started looking into this matter.

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