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Ten Things That Will Happen After Rakhi And Deepak Kalal Tie Knots

You know who is Rakhi Sawant and you also know who is Deepak Kalal. *sigh*

Yeah, you too fall into the category of miserable people who have witnessed the wrath of these so-called celebrities in terms of entertainment. Their entertainment, after all, is one of a kind. (pun intended-SERIOUSLY)

From Rakhi Sawant’s Swayamvar to Deepak Kalal’s videos of arousing guys with the use of explicit and cheap lingo that no one but he enjoys, we have seen it all. But did you think it was the end? No people, we ain’t that lucky. You should know that both of these ultra-talented artists are going to tie knots on 31st December.

And I, for once couldn’t help but imagine the things that will happen after this disaster wedding takes place.
Here are the possible outcomes of this epic tie-up-

1. Meme generation will break all records


The meme industry is already super duper excited about the wedding. Why? Because they have got enough meme generation material for the coming years. There no stopping the meme industry now.

2. The Internet might crash (Cuz zillions will be trolling the couple)


Yeah, there is a chance that the internet won’t be able to handle the pressure and come crashing down. Because who can resist trolling this ultimate couple? Can you?

3. A tsunami of Cheap-ass videos on social media


Already there is a massive amount of garbage video’s posted by Rakhi and Deepak. But once they get together, the world will be hit with a Tsunami of cheap and nonsensical videos. Be ready.

4. People will destroy their smartphones to stay away from their news

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After a while, you will get so bored of the memes and news (just like the #Metoo movement) that you will end up wanting to destroy your phone altogether. Yeah, you would.

5. Cheapness face-off challenges will be the new trend


Then there will be the new challenge that these guys will bring. The Cheapness face-off challenge, where Rakhi and Deepak will compete who is cheaper.

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6. 9 gags will probably be their wedding sponsors


Who else could be better at sponsoring their wedding? No one, right? Yeah, because they are anyways going to earn a lot with the meme’s and gif’s they create.

7. Entertainment world go under an evolution (in a bad way of course)


The entertainment world’s doom would finally arrive. With this wedding, the world will get rid of entertainment, once and for all.

8. It will be Rakhi -Deepak all over and people will be running for cover


People have already started looking for a safe place to hide. And soon, it’s going to be Rakhi and Deepak Kalal together. Lord, save the world.

9. A reality show will be launched to show their married life


Then again, they will launch another reality show which will follow their married life. (in which they will be shown doing the same lame things they used to put up videos like they used to before.)

10. They will soon adopt Rocky Superstar


They will adopt ‘Rocky Superstar’. And I have heard rumors that he indeed was a product of two of the greatest entertainers. Now that he has started gaining fame, their parents will finally adopt him back. After they tie knots, of course.

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In Conclusion:

Ever thought, why they both are getting married now? Because Rocky Superstar has finally climbed the stairs of popularity as Rakhi and Deepak had always dreamed of. Now, he has finally stood up to his (real) talented parents. Damn, I didn’t know that I will be debunking the conspiracy theory behind their marriage. LOL.

People, embrace yourselves. The deadly trio is soon going to kill you with a horde of videos you don’t want to see!

I am canceling my internet services (just for precaution).

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