A Comprehensive List Of Interesting Gift Ideas For Sister This Rakhsha Bandhan

You call her by silly names, tease her whenever you can and always find creative ways to irritate her.

From pulling hair to fighting for the window seat while you travel, the love-hate relationship you share with your sister is the sweetest. Ever since she came into your life, you knew your life was complete.

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You rejoice in knowing that you have spent countless hours troubling your sister. Haven’t you? But hey, she knows you love her to the core. And this Rakshabandhan, all you need to do is – make her feel special and tell her how much she means to you. But, as a ‘BRO’ you won’t go empty-handed. Well, you better not!

So, to help you figure out what’s best for you SISSY, here’s the collection of sweet and stylish things that every sister deserves and swoons over-

1. In the 1000-ish range

1> Luxurious Spa-bucket

spa bucket for sister

Your adorable sister loves to be pampered, doesn’t she? This Rakhi, gift her a luxurious spa bucket filled with organic spa products and see that million- dollar smile coming onto her face when she grabs it. Worth every penny.

2> Wallet chocolate combo

wallet chocolate combo for sister

Who doesn’t love chocolates? And if it’s combined with a super classy wallet, don’t you think it will be the perfect gift for your demanding baby sister? After all, she never was satisfied with one gift, ever!

3> Foldable shoe-stand 

foldable shoe stand gift idea

Oh, you know the array of slippers, heels, converses, flats, bellies, platforms that your sister has cramped under her bed. Gift her a cute foldable shoe stand that sorts this mess up. She will love you for this. Trust me.

4> Astronaut-mobile-stand


If you sissy is interested in space and binge-watches those planetary documentaries about astronauts, this is the best gift for her. The mobile stand will be quite handy a companion for her and this unique astronaut stand will blow her mind off to space.

5> Ninja coffee mug

ninja mug gift for sister

Yeah, you know that she kicks your ass whenever you get into a fistfight. So, why not gift her something that she can relate to? How about a Ninja coffee mug? Sweet, right?

6> Wall sticker (Home Decor)

Wall sticker

How about you gift wall stickers and help her transform the room in a wonderland? See, you are already excited! Just imagine how fun it will be when you actually do this for your sister.

7> Bobblehead minions

Bobble head minion

Minions are always adorable, just like your sister. Gift her bobblehead minions and see them move there heads side to side in sync. It will be a treat to watch her play with those toys. Won’t it?

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2. In the 2000-ish range

1> Sling bag

sling bag

Your sassy sister could very well use a sling bag and pose for the million selfies that she loves to take. And as a big bro, you are dutybound to get her exactly what she wants.

2> Chic fragrance


You know that a beautiful fragrance completes the look. And you also know that your sister has thousands of clothes, bags, shoes. Gift her a branded perfume bottle and see how she thanks you from the core of her heart.

3> Book-safe


Is your little devil secretive in nature? Does she like hiding things under the mattress or deep down her wardrobe? Behold, the book-safe. She will go bonkers when she sees a book which is actually safe.

4> Wall Painting

Wall painting

If your adorable sister is tranquil, gentle and lovable because that’s just how her nature is, gift her a painting. A huge Buddha wall painting in her room will make it look even more serene and she is going to pray for you each time she sees it.

5> Mermaid-tail-blanket


Winter is coming. Well, GoT season 8 is far off right now, but how about gifting your precious sis a stylish blanket which will make her look like a mermaid? Sounds interesting, right? Choose the blanket of her favorite color and see her cuddle it when she sleeps.

3. In the 5000-ish range

1> Instant camera

Instant camera

If you are blessed with an adventure lover sister, an Instant camera will be revered as gold in her eyes. The sparkle that will shine in her eyes when she clicks her first picture with this gadget is going to be priceless.

2> Branded  Watch


No fuzz here. Walk up to any mall or branded shop and pick up a classic watch for her. There’s no way on earth that anyone would hate a branded watch. It can’t be simpler than this when it comes to picking a gift.

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3> Stud-earrings

Studded earring

Fashinshita sista? No problemo. Stud earrings are uber cool and always in fashion. Grab a pair or two depending on the number of piercing your munchkin has and let the sparkle do the talking.

4> Home Decor

Home Decor

She loves to go to cafe’s with dim yellow light, that luxurious feel, and the stylish decor. Gift her a piece of her own. How about a classy lamp that emits soft lights and creates the same vibe as that of them cafes? Its gonna be perfect.

5> Acoustic-Guitar

Acoustic guitar

Your Sister has made your ears bleed with the constant annoying statement,’ Mujhe guitar seekhna hai’. This Rakhi just go for it. Gift her that acoustic guitar she is dying for. (Psst…and ask her to get the money for guitar classes from Mom coz hey you have done your part.)

6> Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker 

Waterproof bluetooth speaker

If she is a wanderer and loves to travel with music, this will be the bang on gift for her. The waterproof speaker will be her best buddy and each time she plays a song far off in those mountains, she will thank you in her heart.

7> Hair-styling Products

Hair styling products

If she is into excessive hair-styling and making you her target for expensive hair-styling treatments, you have the cheaper answer right here. Just tell her, how much you want her to feel comfortable at home and use easy products. (don’t say she is burning your pockets, or be ready to get fist-bumped)

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8> Sun-Glasses


Dressing up isn’t complete without a set of stylish, chic sunglasses. Gift her one and see her face lit up with tremendous joy.

4. Above 10,000-ish range

1> SmartPhones


You are fed up of her eyeing your phones and you secretly feel bad if she uses your second-hand phone, right? It’s high time that she gets a brand new of her own. The market is flooded with mobiles in your budget. Moto, Redmi, Honor are a few brands that you can go for.

2> Full-body Spa Vouchers

Spa voucher

You will see your sister jump to the ceiling when she sees you gifting her a 5-star booking for a full-body spa. A holy halo might appear over your head and magical things might happen too. Who knows she might stop annoying you altogether? *wink*

 3> Jewelry


The relationship between a girl and jewelry falls short of words. Pick any random item. A chain, an earring, a bracelet. Or if she is into metal jewelry, just pick the whole bunch you spot in the shop and buy it for her. Who knows, she might even let you sneak out of the house for parties which your mom hates and stand guard for the rest of the year.

4> Modern kitchen appliances

kitchen appliance

You are in a win-win situation if you buy this gift for her. But, there’s one catch. She should know how to cook. Any modern kitchen appliance can serve as the best gift for her and when she cooks yummy delicacies, you know you’ll be summoned. Rejoice, mate.

5> Adventure Action Camera

Adventure camera

If your sissy is a tough bird and loves to go for adventure sports every now and then, an action camera will be an iconic gift for her. Gift her a GoPro or any branded waterproof camera that can accompany her the next time she cliff-jumps.

6> Make-up Kit

make up kit

Let your sister have that kit from Mac or Bobby brown she’s been eying for. She is going to love it coz all the girls love make-up.

In conclusion:

Sisters are the unicorns – lively and magical. They fill the house with infinite colors and their silly mischiefs turn any house into a ‘Home Sweet Home’. This Rakhi make her feel like the epicenter of sheer joy in your house and without her, there is no fun in your life.

That’s what this iconic festival of Rakshabandan is all about! Won’t you agree,’ Ek Hazaro Me Meri Behnaa Hai’ isn’t just a song but a true emotion?

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