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With Rakhi Sawant Yoga Pictures: Memes Are Bound To Happen

International yoga day exceeded our expectations in terms of the attention it got.

Twitter was plastered with different trending hashtags with at least one word having yoga in it. And not just the ones who were lying on mats in ‘hard row to hoe’ positions. Even the ‘Netflix and Chill’ community too celebrated the yoga day by watching series in cross-legged positions.

And amidst all this, our very own Rakhi Sawant tried to grab some limelight by wearing an ultra-red “not the workout outfit” outfit.

With a matching color top and bottom, but an un-matching 2-piece, she was grabbing the spotlight from all angles.

While some of the twitteratis were busy observing her pictures:


rakhi sawant memes

We couldn’t keep ourselves from thinking what might be going on in the heads of Rakhi and her colleagues while she was busy posing for cameras.

Check out Rakhi Sawant yoga memes


And that is how it all began

rakhi sawant yoga memes


Yep, the pout, that’s why we are here

rakhi sawant yoga memes


Too late bro

rakhi sawant yoga memes



rakhi sawant yoga memes


Of Course!

rakhi sawant yoga memes


And when it is Rakhi, humor is bound to happen



Well said Sonu!

rakhi sawant yoga memes


Is she looking like Jacqueline Fernandez in this (Please don’t hit me for this)

rakhi sawant yoga memes


Naman got no chill

rakhi sawant yoga memes


Even Eminem shared his thoughts on this:
Lookin’ like a cyclone hit you
With a bikini screaming, ” Rakhi I don’t fit you”

rakhi sawant yoga memes

Lord save the world from her!


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