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Ramadan 2021: Sehri Tips That Helps You To Be Hydrated All Day Long

The holy month of ‘Ramadan‘ is ahead which begins on April 13 and ends on May 12. During Ramadan, people have their first meal before sunrise called Sehri/Suhoor, and another meal is known as Iftar which is served after sunset.

However, fasting for a month can take a toll on one’s body. With changes in sleeping time and eating habits combined with the sweltering outdoor heat. However, staying fit during the holy Ramadan in summer can be challenging. Dehydration can also be a common hassle among people during this.

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Tips and Tricks to Stay Hydrated During Sehri

Here are a few Ramadan Sehri tips that can help you stay fit and keep hydrated over the day.

1.      Drink Plenty of Water

One of the easiest ways to keep you hydrated is drinking sufficient water throughout the sehri. Different research shows that a minimum of 60 ounces of water should be taken in a day to keep hydrated. In other words, drinking 2 litres of water helps you to stay hydrated during the summer season.

Source: NRDC

2.      Consume light but healthy meal 

If you are thinking that eating a lot will be sufficient for the day, then you are wrong. You may consume a rich in fibre diet that leaves you energized the whole day. Therefore, Sehri meal should be light and healthy.

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3.      Include Dates in your daily life

Dates should be given importance while Ramadan and should be practised to include in the meal as Prophet Mohammad used to do in the historical past. Scientifically, dates are wealthy in selenium, copper, and magnesium which coagulate bones and best for retailing human physique cells as they are a pure supply of glucose.

Source: Medical News Today

4.      Take Enough Sleep

Taking sufficient sleep is one of the most effective ways of wellness. Waking up early in the morning has several benefits. Thus, it is suggested to get proper sleep during fasting.

Source: CDC

5.      Include Yogurt

Having yoghurt on your Sehri meal is helpful and scientifically correct as it helps forestall acidity, soothe your abdomen, and stops you from dehydration.

Source: Cooking Channel

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6.      Banana and Apple a day is recommended

A banana and an apple may be quite useful during Ramadan fasting as they add roughage to your weight loss plan. These fruits are low in energy and contain a vital diet like Vitamin C, fibre, and varied antioxidants.

Source: Cookpad.com

7.      Avoid eating spicy, salty, and sugary meals

Avoid or try to have salt, spice, and sugar low meals during Ramadan. It will help you from feeling thirsty. When you consume too many salty meals, water is drawn from your cells, and as a result, you trigger thirst.

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Source: Serious Eats

8.      Add Juicy Fruits

Add oranges, watermelon, kiwi, and more juicy fruits in your Sehri meal. These fruits help in being hydrated all through the day.

Source: hillviewfarms

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