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These Raman Sisters Will Ignite Your Love For Classical Music In Their Own Style

YouTube has brought out so many hidden talents that they should change their tagline to ‘Discover new artists’.

It is common to see a videos going viral every now and then. While some of them catches attention right away and some may take an year ago. Maybe, few things just need to wait to get the right attention, and then they finally spread like firecrackers all over the sky. Something similar is done by Raman sisters with their amazing skills over strings.

Watch this video if you haven’t already:

They got really famous for this cover of ‘Hai apna dil to aawara’. And this is not the only video that they have done, you just type the name of one of these in YouTube or simply put ‘Raman Sisters’ and you will see lists of composition done by this duo.

The fusion of guitar with Mridangam has taken this song to the next level. And we are sure this peeked your interest a bit in classical music.

And why not, these powerful women, dressed simple yet elegantly in nice sarees have caught attention with not just their music, but by a natural portrayal of how arts lies in the heart of Indians.

They are really not that famous on YouTube as much as they are respected in person. This duo has been giving music classes in their hometown that is Shivamogga, Karnataka.

If you are still looking for their names, it is Sandhya Raman and Vidya Ashok Kumar. And these guys usually are seen in videos with one guest performer in their videos.

Check out more such videos by them:

Zara zara from movie RHTDM

ViralBake Telegram

And this pure talent on Mridangam


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