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You Might Not Be Aware Of These Sweet Things About Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh, the heart-throb of the entire Bollywood industry has been inspiring us through his great talent and hard work.

ranveer singh

The piece of art he has delivered through his movies is beyond beautiful. Whether ‘Ram’ of the intense romantic ‘Ramleela‘ or ‘Bajirao’ from the iconic movie ‘Bajirao Mastani. And how can we forget the fierce ‘Alauddin Khilji’ he showed us through one of his most controversial flick ‘Padmaavat‘.

Ranveer singh has given so much life to all the characters he has portrayed.

If we see, the fame and respect he has earned in the industry in just a short span of his career is exceptional. You might not be aware of these sweet little things about Ranveer singh. So, let’s check out some of the interesting facts of our most lovable Ranveer Singh which proves he is actually much more than we think.

1. Studied overseas

Ranveer Singh has chosen acting as one of his electives when he was pursuing bachelors in the U.S. During one of his class, he performed BIG B’s famous dialogue from ‘Deewar’ for which he got a lot of appreciation from the fellow students.

ranveer singh

2. Great copywriter

When he came back to India, he initially worked with the big players in the advertising industry such as O&M as a copywriter. However, gradually his interest shifted to core acting.

3. Believer in himself

He almost struggled for 3 years before getting his first big break from Aditya Chopra for “Band Baaja Baarat”. Though he got a lot of offers for ad campaigns, he insisted himself not to do them as he believed a fresh face works greater in the industry.

ranveer singh

4. Big admiration

Amitabh Bachchan sent a hand-written note to him cherishing his work. He was very impressed with his acting in Ram-Leela.

5. Full of Energy ALWAYS

Along with acting, Ranveer also admires dancing and action. As one day, when his grandmother asked him to entertain her at a birthday party, he hopped onto a lawn and start dancing like crazy.

6. Yo Yo Rapper

Ranveer possess some other interesting talents beside his acting skills. He is well known for his mimicry skills and rapping skills.

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ranveer singh

7. Sweet tooth and junk tooth

Will you believe if I say, Ranveer also belongs to the Junk food lovers. Though, his shaped and carved body suggests otherwise, he is actually a true foodie. He really likes spicy food but on the contrary, has different level of love for chocolates and sweets as well.

8. Mama’s boy

Like any other guy, Ranveer is very much attached to his mother and she takes care of almost everything for him. Either it is his diet management or there is a prominent decision to be taken, his mom takes care of all for him. This mama’s boy always asks for her dearest approval.

ranveer singh gym

9. Fitness is confidence

Ranveer is a fitness freak as he believes the reason for his confidence and incomparable energy is his body. He very much appreciates the healthy workout sessions and looks up to Salman, Akshay, and Hrithik as his fitness role models.

10. His golden rules

The most captivating thing that make women go crazy about him is the way he treats every female around him. He believes a man requires 3 things to charm a woman. A good sense of humor, charming smile and a good smell preferably more masculine.

Well, after all these mind blowing performances, Ranveer will soon be seen on the big screens again with his upcoming movies “Simmba” followed by “Gully boy“.

However, another thing that is talk of the town is Ranveer and his rumored girlfriend, the most sweetheart Deepika Padukone is soon going to tie a knot at the end of the year. From the past incidents, we can easily figure out their admiration for each other.

ranveer deepika

Whether it’s on-screen or off-screen, their chemistry has its unique spark. As per the reports, there is no official announcement from them about this, probably we should get to know more as the time progresses. And like ‘Virushka’, they’d be known as ‘Ranvika‘.

There are a lot of memes circulating though which is a bit ‘uh-oh’ moment of realization if you use the same logic of Virushka.


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