Ranveer Singh's Blue Fur Jacket Has Left Fans Wondering Yeh bhai kya phenta hai? - Viral Bake

Ranveer Singh’s Blue Fur Jacket Has Left Fans Wondering Yeh bhai kya phenta hai?

There are things that we call weird.

Then, there are things that we call super weird and in the end, there is Ranveer Singh. The man who doesn’t care about what he is wearing. No doubt, he rocks some of the most bizarre fashion styles.

Ranveer Singh- Bhai Jo Kuch Bhi Phenta Hai!

He is certainly an amazing actor but his dressing style sometimes reaches the peak of weirdness. Till now, in his acting career, he has sported some pretty bizarre costumes with fans appreciating it.

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But recently, Ranveer Singh’s Blue Fur Jacket picture was posted from Germany, which showed him sporting a furry jacket. It certainly looked weird and fans couldn’t resist but say “Yeh bhai kya phenta hai?”

What was he wearing anyway?

For the premiere of his upcoming film, Ranveer along with the Director Zoya Akhtar and Co-Star Allia Bhat was visiting Germany to attend the Berlin International Film Festival.

Critics have already mentioned their review for the movie “Gully Boy,” by titling it as a huge entertainer. But, it was not his film what people were talking about, it was his blue sweater that grabbed all the attention.

Gold for meme creators


Naturally, Ranveer’s attire went on to serve as an excellent content for meme creators as his blue sweater resembles one of the furry monsters from the Disney movie “The Monsters Inc.”

Remember James P. Sullivan? Big blue furry monster from the Disney movie “The Monsters Inc?” Well, Don’t you think Ranveer is looking like just the same?

Who was the Designer?

Designed by Manish Arora, Ranveer Singh’s blue fur jacket has patched stickers on it. Gully Boy sticker printed on the right arm (maybe for the promotional purposes) and patched sticker all over on the front side.

Don’t know if it looks fashionable or not but it does look like the furry monster ‘James P. Sullivan.’

Although, Ranveer captioned the picture with “Gangsta of Love,” but there is no way fans are going to take is serious. After all, he is looking like our favorite furry monster who is not a gangsta but a sweetheart.

Check out how fans are reacting

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In Conclusion:

With this picture, Ranveer has made it clear that he can rock anything. From his quirky zebra print suits to eccentric gender-fluid clothing, Ranveer Singh is not afraid of experimenting with his clothes.

Ranveer Singh’s Blue Fur Jacket avatar proves that he is the Indian Lady Gaga! 

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