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Rapper Caz’s Siri Impersonation Sparks Twitterati Debate, Who’s Side Are You On

Do you use an I-phone? If yes, then you must be familiar with ‘Siri’, right?

Across the globe, Apple users love Siri and everyone knows that it is an AI assistant. But a recent video posted by Twitter account @Erinie_DaBest baffled everyone with a real-life voice that exactly matched the voice of Siri.

Rapper Caz's Siri impersonation

What is the clip about?

The viral clip features an American rapper Caz talking in a voice that exactly sounds like the AI Siri. It begins with Rapper Caz’s Siri impersonation where she is talking exactly how Siri would have while assisting the user to reach a destination.

Her voice and tone match Siri to the extent that the video quickly went viral. It has already crossed over 16 million views.

Watch it here:

The debate on Twitter

Now that you have heard Caz, you know that she does sound like Siri. Rapper Caz’s Siri impersonation is just amazing and people across the globe are simply baffled by the video and the responses to the video are hilarious.


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But then, there are also some who believe that it’s fake and that she isn’t actually speaking.

So, Was the video fake?

Absolutely not.

In response to this, Rapper Caz quickly came back with another video. In this one, she even moved around the camera to show that there was no one else and spoke at length using many sentences. This ruled out the probability of her playing Siri in the background and indeed Rapper Caz’s Siri impersonation sounds way too real.

If you haven’t seen that video, here it is:

This video too went viral and now people are suggesting that Apple should give her a job. Or that she should start working as a voice-over artist. Well, I don’t know about you but I have become a fan of Rapper Caz’s Siri impersonation.

In Conclusion:

I think that Rapper Caz did one hell of an impersonation and instead of doubting, people should rather appreciate her other talent. I mean, imagine Caz speaking in Siri’s voice while you are driving. Oh, I wish one of my friends had this kind of talent.

It would be a lot of fun, don’t you think?

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