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9 Rare Diamonds On This Planet That Will Leave You Hypnotized

‘If Diamonds could read, I would write a whole book of verses boasting my love for this elegant beauty of the universe’

Being the most divine jewel, diamond is associated with every important occasion of our lives. From the royalty to the commoners, it holds its own remarkable importance in everyone’s life.

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Diamonds have been historically popular all over the world and marked the glorification of various popular events of ancient time period. It has attracted a lot of admirers from time to time to participate in auctions and get a chance to lay their hands on these masterpieces.

However, the amount at which they are sold is far more than one can count in their entire lifespan. And the prices continue to increase as they are sold at every auction.

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So, without any hold up let’s have a glance over the most luxurious, rare and ultra expensive diamonds universally.

1. Koh-I-Noor Diamond:

kohinoor diamond

One of the oldest and the most beautiful diamond ever cut. Popularly known as Koh-I-Noor, which is defined as “Mountain of light” in Persian language. It carries a weight of 105 carat and is placed in HM tower of London. This priceless rock attracts a lot of tourists from the world to this place. However, the controversies for its ownership rights are still active between some of the countries.

2. The Cullinan Diaomond:

the cullinan diamond

It is one of the largest rough diamond found with the weight of 3, 106, 75 carats. It was divided into 8 parts after polishing. The largest of which is called as Cullinan I or the Great Star of Africa. This piece alone bags a whopping amount of $400 million. Whereas, the entire Cullinan set is worth $2 billion.

3. Hope Diamond:

hope diamond

Because of the experiences of its previous owners, this fancy dark grey-blue diamond is believed to be cursed and associated with bad luck and hardships . It was sold to Smithsonian Institution due to the continuous tragedies. which now attracts a lot of tourist to take a glance at it. This rock weighs 52 carats and currently estimated to fetch $250 million. In spite of the associated curse, it is expected that the price will skyrocket if the rock is ever placed for auction.

4. Centenary Diamond:

centenary diamond

A team of experts spent 154 days to give this rock the perfect shape. As a result, this colorless diamond now weighs around 273.85 carat. The re-cutting process refined the clarity and color of this piece giving it a beautiful heart shape. This extremely flawless diamond has estimated value of around $100 Million.

5. Pink Star Diamond:

pink star diamond

It is one of the exceptionally rare diamonds of the world which was previously known as Steinmetz pink. This flawless diamond carry a weigh of 59.60 carat after polishing with an oval shape cut. In 2017 auction, it was sold to Chow Tai Fook enterprises for $71.2 million and presently known as CTF Pink star.

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6. Oppenheimer Blue Diamond:

Oppenheimer blue diamond

This vivid blue diamond is one of the most expensive jewel ever sold in auction. It weighs at 14.62 carats having a flawless rectangle shape. With a classic emerald cut and vivid blue color, this gem has already occupied its place in the rarest gems of the world. Currently, the estimated price of this unique and fancy piece is around $57.5 million.

7. Winston Blue Diamond:

winston blue diamond

This vivid blue beauty is owned by Harry Winston, Inc. who later named it as Winston blue diamond. It is one of the most pretty and flawless blue diamond GIA has ever graded. The piece was cut into pear shape which weighs around 13.22 carat. This not only enhances its features but also makes its current estimated value as $23.8 million.

8. Wittlesbach Diamond:

Wittelsbach Diamond

With a deep fancy blue color, this diamond possess an attractive flawless clarity. It was sold in 2008 to Laurence Graff who made some cut in the diamond to improve its color and clarity. It became 4 carat lighter and renamed it as Wittlesbach Graff diamond. Currently, this 31.06 carat gem almost hold a price of $23.4 million.  

9. Farnese Blue Diamond:

farnese blue diamond

For around 300 years, this Gem was kept as a secret from everyone by hiding in it a royal casket. The 6.16-carat pear-shaped Farnese blue diamond was found over 300 years ago from the Golconda mines in India which is now known as Andhra Pradesh.

It has been auctioned recently at Sotheby’s in Geneva on May 15. According to the auction house, the diamond was first presented to the Spanish Queen Elisabeth Farnese. Since then, it passed through four of the most prominent royal families in Spain, France, Italy and Austria.

As per the sources, the diamond was currently auctioned at a price of $6.7 million. The buyer of this piece is yet to be identified.

If given a chance, which gem would you like to take home for yourself or for your loved one!?

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