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Use These 10 Easy Ways If You Want To Read More Books

Once you start reading books you’ll want to read more and more. Last year I read 12 books, but I want to read more. Not just me, the dedicated readers are always trying to read more and more book.

Agatha Christie used to read 200 books a year, and this a goal for most of the super-readers. Well, I’m not a super reader but I do want to become one in upcoming years.

If you also have the same plan for the future and are looking for tips that will help you to read more, you have come to the right place. Just so you know, I’m already done with 4 books (in two months). So, if you want to improve your reading skills, here are some easy ways that can help you to read more.

1. Set a goal

Read More Books

If you want to read more, you have to first set a goal for yourself. This is like a challenge you have to set for yourself (a good way for self-improvement). You can use an app that will help you to organize your goal sheets and also make it easy for you to keep track of other readers. Goodreads is one of the best and favorite app of readers.

You can download it on your phone or use it on your desktop, connect with your other friends and see their goals (that might motivate you to read more).

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2. Read what you love

Read More Books

When I started to read, I only used to read genres that I personally liked. One should always choose what they like and not what the internet is imposing on them. If you like to read non-fiction or self-improvement books, you might never find a teen romance novel appealing. So, don’t waste your time and first read everything that you love.

Otherwise, you are not going to complete that book and unfinished reads are not going to count.

3. Read more than 1 book at a time

Read More Books

This is what pro-readers do, I’m also trying this, as a result, I always carry one book with me and the other one stays on my desk at home. So whenever I’m travelling ( or daily commute), I read the book that I’ve inside my bag. When I’m at home I read the book that is lying on my table. Some books are thick and from time-to-time, it can get boring.

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Keep your options open and read more than 1 book at a time, this way you won’t lose your interest in reading and will be able to finish two books at the same time

4. Put your phone down

Read More Books

When you are at home there are way too many distractions that can make it hard for you to read. Your mobile phone is one of them and all you do on it is nothing but meaningless scrolls on various social media sides. This can be stopped with the help of a good book. If it isn’t motivating enough, set reminders on your phone.

Reminders like “You should read something, instead of waiting your time liking these cat videos.”

5. Read in the first hours

Read More Books

After waking-up, most of you hurry to get ready for work (as you are already getting late). But you can spend time making yourself a better person. Start your day with reading, of course after taking care of your morning business. You have to get up a little early than your usual time to add reading in your daily schedule.

This will also help you to reach at work on time (in case you are always late, like me).

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6. Don’t keep the track

Read More Books

Consider the number of benefits you get from reading a book instead of keeping a track of the number. Improved neuron connection with your brain and chances of living a long life are some of them. Read because you want to really read. If you just read because you want to flaunt in your book club, you might never reach the goal of reading 200 books a year.

As you don’t have the right motivation, read for yourself and not to show others.

7. Make it a habit

Read More Books

Reading can be your hobby but it will be better if you make it a habit. All the greatest men who ever lived were fond of reading. And it was not their hobby,it was a habit for them. Take out some time, set a schedule and read every day. You can choose whatever time you feel comfortable, you can read in the metro on your way to work and back.

You can even read before you go to bed or any other free time that you have in your day.

8. Try those audiobooks

Read More Books

This is the modern trend that helps you to save time as you can listen to the book and do your daily chores at the same time. But what’s more important is that you can easily find audiobooks for free and if not then they are quite cheaper than a paperback or a hardcover. If you think carrying a book with you is a task (which I highly doubt), opt for audiobooks.

Just put on your earphone and enjoy the beautiful writing of Jane Austen or any other of your favorite author.

9. Make time for reading in your daytime

Read More BooksIt’s not like we are working continuously during our works hours, you can easily spare 10-15 minutes. It’s not that hard, use that time to learn something new. Read that book you are carrying in your bag. This will not only help you to reach your goal of reading more books. But it will also improve your reading speed that you are lacking right now.

Pro-readers can read very fast. That’s how they are able to complete reading 200 books or more in a years time.

10. Always try to find what you want to read next

Read More Books

This is what I do all the time, I’m on a continuous search of what to read next. If you are a reader, you already know how much time it takes to decide what to read next. And you should know there is so much shortage of time when you are trying to read more and more books. Why waste time?

Look for your next read whenever you get the time, prepare a list on your notepad or put the list inside your phone.

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In Conclusion:

Once you become a reader, you’ll want to read as many books as possible. So, this year, challenge yourself and beat the record of books you read last year. Become a pro-reader and read more books this year. Just remember these tips to do so.

Till then we can talk about your favorite books.

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