Real Fun Facts About Google That You Might Didn’t Know

Google, an advanced and most favoured search engine having almost 92 per cent market share as of June 2021, was launched in 1977 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, two Stanford Students. After the creation of Google, the company now had made its worth around $400 Billion. That’s why today, Google is now the most powerful and undoubtedly most valuable brand in the world. Today, this company has developed itself much further than just being a search engine. A person cannot only search his query, in fact but he or she can also navigate through an unknown city or country, watch movies, communicate through e-mail, upload and download videos of their own, translate foreign languages and understand them and can perform various other advanced operations. So, it’s not possible for such a large empire not to have a fascinating side of it. And we have found out some of the most interesting facts about Google.

Fun Facts About Google That You Might Didn't Know

Here’s The List of Real Fun Facts About Google That You Might Didn’t Know:

“In 2021, Google was the dominant search engine with a 91.94% market share”.

“Google has 2.5 Trillion searches per year worldwide”.

“You should be jealous of the Twitter followers of Google.” ( With 26.7M Twitter Followers)

“The original name of Google was Backrub.”

“The Google search technology is called PageRank.”

“On August 16, 2013, Google was not reachable for 5 minutes, in that time the global Internet usage decreased by 40%.”

“Google wanted in 1997 to sell their search engine system to Yahoo for $ 2 million.”

“The first tweet from Google was: “I’m feeling lucky” in binary code.”

“16% to 20% of all searches have never been searched before on Google.”

“The Google homepage is available in 80 languages.”

“ In 2014 89% of Google’s revenue came from Google advertising.”

“ 33% of all searches on Google come from smartphones.”

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“Google is derived from the word Googol.” ( means a 1 with 100 zeros)

“On September 15, 1997, the domain was registered”.

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