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Reality Check: Ghaziabad’s Main COVID-19 Hospital Has 8 Ventilators None Of Which Is Functional Since 2 Months

While the cases of COVID-19 are rising exponentially the reality of the government facilities are being exposed. Recent is a case form Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad district. The district has around 600 cases and has reported over 15 deaths so far with 3 being reported yesterday.

Amidst this, the main COVID-19 hospital in the district’s Sanjay Nagar area has been working with non-functional ventilators. As per reports from The Times of India the hospital has 8 ventilators of which none is working. Surprisingly the 100-bed hospital is the ‘Level 2 Hospital’. That is those who don’t respond to Level 1 treatment and are a bit serious are bought here.

Source: The Times of India

As of now, those who need a ventilator are being shifted to a private hospital in the area. The private hospital that is the Santosh Hospital is a level 3 facility in the district. The districts which is in proximity to Delhi has been exposed to all sorts of vulnerabilities. The movement form nearby Delhi and Noida has increased the cases in the district.

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The hospital’s chief medical superintendent Dr. Naresh Vij said that ventilators are not working as some missing parts are not installed. Not only this the hospital has kept the news hidden for 2 months. As per the government directives, L-2 hospitals should have oxygen per bed and 1 ventilator per 10 beds. As of now 39 out of 100 beds are occupied in the hospital.

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