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This Is The Reason Why All The Fast Food Chains Have Red And Yellow Logo

From MacDonalds to KFC, Burger King to Wendy’s, did you ever notice all of these big fast food joints have their logo’s either in red or yellow colour?

Not just these big fast food joints but many other not so famous chant joints like BTW (Bittu Tikki Wala) had their logo’s painted in red.

Most logos are in red and yellow, are they lacking creativity? Well, no they are not lacking creativity but the reason behind the red and yellow logo of your favourite fast food joint is hidden behind the psychology.

The reason behind the yellow or red logos

read and yellow logo

All these food joints follow a simple theory called ketchup and mustard theory, to attract more customers. The theory is based on how our brain look responds to a particular colour.

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You might not know but your brain processes colour even before it reads words. That’s why it is important for fast food chains to choose the appropriate colour for their logo’s. SO that it won’t just look pretty but also serve the special purpose of attracting more customers.

But why red and yellow?

According to science, red is the colour that is associated with being active. Looking at this colour also increases heart rate and gives you an appetite. While the yellow colour is associated with happiness.

Not just this but yellow colour is easy to spot even in bright daylight. That’s why using the yellow logo helps to easily get spotted, even from distance. This colour also stimulates your metabolism.

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According to various studies, half the time people order their food depending on the colour of the product alone. Experts believe that the combination of these two colours gives feeling and emotions that make people hungry.

In Conclusion:

Red makes you hungry while yellow makes you feel happy, which encourages you to buy food, even when you are not hungry. So if you think, it is just a coincidence that all the fast food chains have their logos painted in red and yellow. You are thinking wrong.

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