Six Reasons Why Online Gaming Is Crowd-Pleasing In India

The online gaming industry in India has seen tremendous growth in recent years. While the other industries were badly affected during and after the pandemic, this industry bloomed like never before. In this article, we are underlining the six reasons behind the popularity of the online gaming industry.

How Did The Online Gaming Industry Bloomed?

Six Reasons Why Online Gaming Is Crowd-Pleasing In India

An increase in the online presence of the people and technological advancement can be seen as the major factors contributing to the growth of the online gaming industry. India has made its place among the top five major global players in this industry. About 40% of the web users in India play online games.

Elaborating The Reasons For Popularity of Online Gaming

Wide Range Of Games Available

The Indian gaming industry provides its audiences with a vast range of games. They can get ahead with the one which suits them best. These mainly include action games to stimulate adrenaline, puzzle and simulation games to develop skills, and real money-making games.

Easy Access To Smartphones

India is the second-largest smartphone market in the world. This is one of the prominent reasons why online gaming has become so popular. Cheap, easily accessible, and durable smartphones are available to the Indian users and gaming has not been restricted to any specific economical group.

Cheap Internet

Along with a variety of smartphones available in an affordable price range, high-speed 3G and 4G data networks are provided at extremely cheap rates. Backed by major telecom giants, Indian gamers can get ahead with internet packs that are within their budget. Stable internet connection has become a truth for the middle-income group also.

Having Reliable Payment Options

The country is gradually stepping toward the world of digital monetary transactions and this has been a boon for online gamers. With various payment apps and UPI, net banking, getting prize money or rewards has become easier and more convenient for gamers.

Attractive Gaming Content

The online gaming content provided to the users is relatable and engaging. Game developers are coming up with the local version of popular games so that they can attract more audiences. The games are created keeping the taste and preferences of the Indian audience in mind.

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Percentage of Youth Among The Population

About 75% of the Indian population is below 64 and online games are popular among the youth of the country. This makes the country have large market potential for the gaming industry. It is expected that with more advancements in technology, this industry will continue to grow.

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