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15 Reasons Why Adopting a Stray Dog Is a Better Idea

Looking to get a pet dog?

Mesmerized by all the exotic breeds, who look cute as hell and seem to be your perfect companion for a lifetime?

Not sure which of these exotic animals you want to bring home?

Well then, let us help you out here. We strongly recommend you adopt a stray pup rather than shopping for a Labra or a Saint Bernard or Huskies.

Don’t find it appealing enough? Don’t think you will feel the same love for the street mutt?

No worries, we can convince you with solid reasoning and if you truly want a dog companion for life, you need to read this.

Reasons why you should adopt and not shop:

1) You save a life

By bringing a stray home, you aid in saving the lives of these neglected animals. Due to over-population, they are forced to live out their days in cold, hunger and constant fear. The sadness is almost reflected in their eyes.

2) It costs nothing but responsibility

You just have to pick them up and bring them home. It won’t cost you a penny. It will only cost you to be more responsible for a life that depends on you now.

3) You get a friend for life

Imagine, how relieved will this little thing be when they find a cozy corner in your home and in your heart. They will love you and care for you more than any other dog from around the world because they see that you are saving their life.

Like you are looking for your dog, they are looking for their human too.

4) Having a dog improves your health

Dogs tend to be loyal and even understand their owner’s feelings very well. You will see, how your dog will be with you in your every high and low. A dog’s love is pure and selfless. It can live and even die for you.

5) They are a great companion for kids

Just like adults, dogs have proven to be a great companion for kids as well. Having a dog living with them helps them develop immunity against several allergies. Furthermore, dogs help kids learn responsibility, socializing with others and compassion for things other than humans.

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6) You will always be cherished

After getting a dog, you won’t be lonely ever again. They can sense your happiness or sorrows and they can just sit by your side and support you in every situation. You will be their sole purpose of living their dog life.

You will remain your dog’s hero no matter what you did. They cherish you without judging you for trivial mistakes.

7) You will have a unique animal

Stray dogs are generally cross breeds and it can make a difference in their appearance. So, when you adopt from the street, you adopt a unique animal with its own personality as opposed to a purebred dog, who has several health issues, thanks to the conditions they are kept in.

8) Easy to train

The strays are easy to train cause they have already gone through the beatings and shooing away and have learnt to earn their food. They are quite street smart as well, which is difficult to find in a dog that has been kept in inhumane conditions and given little attention.

9) No fuss feeding

You don’t have to get special dog food like for exotic pups, because they can’t survive without that. Your stray can even live on a basic food you eat at home. That’s how easy it is to feed them and this keeps them bouncy and fluffy.

10) They also need veterinary care

Poor dogs roaming on the streets need veterinary care too, if not as much as a cross-breed. Also, it would help lessen the population of non-vaccinated dogs in the streets, who become a danger to everyone including kids if not vaccinated.

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11) Super friendly and socialized

The street dogs are already super-friendly with everyone and are socially active. They seem to have no separation anxiety issue, unlike their counterparts.

That is why it is easy to train them for basic manners, and habits. They are super-smart too knowing the difference of who is safe and who could be a potential danger to his family.

12) You stop selling and buying of living beings

Selling and buying of any living being, whether its human or a dog, is inhumane and illegal. If everyone today decides to adopt dogs and not buy them from the breeders, the demand will automatically fall and the excessive breeding would stop.

Although you won’t get a Rottweiler of your choice. But that Rottweiler would be happy in his own home, where it belongs. Won’t it?

You will give it that life.

13) You help abolish puppy mills or puppy farms

If you don’t already know, a lot of areas around the capital are a breeding ground or farms for breeding these exotic species. The female dogs are made to breed again and again until they have nothing left to give. The puppies born from such frail dogs, are biologically weak and fall prey to many health issues. Some don’t even live too long.

14) You save other dog species from a miserable life

Adopting a desi dog or an Indian dog will, in turn, help other foreign breeds to not struggle to live in the harsh weather they aren’t conditioned to live in. It is too hot or humid for them and as a result, they can’t flourish and die a painful death.

Imagine a lazed-out dog who can’t even get up to greet you when you come home. Or the one that is full of energy can’t go out and play because they can’t tolerate excessive heat. Won’t they be miserable?

15) You don’t have to worry about keeping your purebred dog alive at a huge cost

Owing to harsh conditions and health problems, the purebred dogs need a regular visit to the vet and a variety of vaccinations. They must be fed a specific diet only and must be kept in an air-conditioned area for them to survive the heat.

All this can put a deep hole in your pocket. A street dog, on the other hand, will have no trouble adapting to weather, or your personalized food habits even if you are a complete vegetarian.

A healthy dog gets trained fast and can put that time in good use by being your effective companion.

16) Last, of all, you wouldn’t have to empty your pockets

You won’t have to shell out a lot of money to buy the pet. All you will have to do is just feed and nurture a stray dog and that is all. That dog will protect you with his life.


Give them a chance. They can turn out to be super handsome and friendly when loved and fed well. Dogs are socially more adaptive, so it is easy for them to make a home with you without having to trouble you.

They aren’t any less cute than the exotic breeds. You just can’t see it right now, because they are on the street, they are rolling in mud and they are barely eating.

As we said, give them a chance and see them turn into your most precious belonging and companion.

Did we convince you to adopt a little desi guy and not some poor miserable purebred?

Let us know in the comments.
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