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Dating Sucks: 5 Serious Reasons That Prove It Really Does

Everybody wants someone with whom they can share what’s in there heart. Go on a coffee and spend a night under the moon with nobody in sight.

But to find that person, you have to date somebody. And I can go by the words of all single people out there, who say, “Dating is disaster don’t even try it. Single life is a better life.”

I support that they are true and dating really is a disaster. Here are 5 reasons that prove that dating sucks.

1. The concept of “first impression”

Dating sucks

“Your first date is most important, make sure to give your best impression,” that’s what they all say. It might be true it is actually worth it? To make sure you give your best impression you start double-checking yourself.

Now, t-shirts are all over your bed and you know what happens in a girls case (trying out a number of dresses, taking off make-up and putting it on again). All this just to make sure your best foot forward. It sucks when you come back home and try to find a place to sleep because clothes are everywhere.

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2. Have to remember the name

Dating sucks

How many of you are terrible with remembering names? I seem to forget every time. Especially if the name is something very common Indian name like Neha, Pooja, Aarti, Shivani, Deepika, and you know what I mean.

Calling your date with the wrong name will give a wrong impression. You have already wasted so much time to make sure you give your first impression. But forget to remember her name. Shhaa… Dating sucks, I’m better alone and you too my friend.

3. What’s in her head?

Dating sucks

Imagine if your first date was successful, but even after the second date, it is very difficult to judge what she wants. Is she looking for a serious relationship or is this just a summer love story. And remember this is bound to happen, if you are there for a casual date, your date must have already made plans for the first anniversary.

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In case you are serious for her, you know the time will come when she’ll go because she was never here with you. Don’t have to deal with the heartbreak, if you don’t date. Single life rocks.

4. You lie to your self


When she ordered pasta for both of you and then asks, “You like pasta?” No, you don’t like pasta but you lie and say, “Yes, I love pasta” and end up the sentence with some PJ pasta joke. Don’t worry I’m not judging you, everyone does that.

No one wants to show their real self, at least for the first few dates. Even if you don’t want to lie, you still have to show a different you. Otherwise, how are you planning to give your first impression?

5. You know what’ll happen even if you become a couple

Dating Sucks

Look, I don’t want to be rude or discourage you. But are you actually planning to marry her? If yes, then, hey I’m happy for you, you made the right decision (of ending your life). But if not then my friend, I can understand your pain. How you would feel when it all end.

Crying in the nights, drinking beers in the kitchen, in the bathroom and even in the shower. Just to forget her (that includes you going on a number of dates). Why go through it again when you know, what’s at the end of the road. Don’t cry and just say dating sucks.

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In Conclusion:

I mean yeah, if you stop dating you might not be able to find your significant other soon. But you’ll find them ultimately. Also, do you really want to date because dating in reality sucks?

Go out with friends, go solo traveling because who knows you may end up getting married soon. You might never get this time back. Solo traveling won’t be an option.

Take a break. Enjoy your happy single life. 

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