Are You Getting Friend-Zoned Every Time? These 13 Reasons Are Responsible

So, there is this new girl in your office and you two immediately hit it off. You are convinced she will say yes if you ask her out.

But this comes to you as a shock when you see her doing the same thing with other guys in the office, chatting and laughing. Feels like the whole office is hitting on the new pretty girl. She gradually drifts apart from you and sometimes even avoids you.

You toss and turn and try to figure out what happened to her.

Let’s see what could have gone wrong with your epic (in your head) and infallible (in your dreams) wooing technique:

1. You break all bounds of niceness

Why Girls avoid guys

Everyone likes a nice guy. True? Total bullcrap!! Being too nice and accommodating to her desires, you show how weak and indecisive you are.

Besides she thinks, you might just be pretending to get into her pants. You let her “walk all over you” which she might enjoy for a while, but girls hate guys who don’t have a spine to stand up for their beliefs. Mind it, you can very conveniently be friend-zoned.

2. “Know-it-all”

Why Girls avoid guys

Do you always treat her like she is naïve? Do you think you know more than her? You always have some snarky remark handy to correct her and you feel totally in charge. Guess what? She secretly hates you, even if she doesn’t show it. You have no chance with her.

3. Too possessive:

Why Girls avoid guys

She hasn’t even said yes to your proposal and you already have problems with her going out with other guys. Calling her every 5 seconds and checking her location on the map? You constantly remind her that every guy wants “only one thing” from her? Well, that “yes” is not coming.

4. Emotional to the extent of being wimpy

Why Girls avoid guys

Women like emotional guys. But they don’t like it if that affects your ability to handle adverse conditions. Every time you are faced with a hostile situation, you let it get under your skin. You flip out and do something completely bizarre. You think she sympathizes with you? Sorry to burst your bubble, you psycho, she doesn’t want a fixer-upper in her already complicated life.

5. You are a dole-shole guy

Why Girls avoid guys

Girls have an absolute aversion to guys who are self-obsessed, especially with their looks. Even if you have a 16 inches wide bicep with looks of a Greek God, It doesn’t matter. If you can’t keep away from the mirror or talk about them all the time, you got no chance with her. You will be so self-absorbed all the time, you will have no time for her, and she knows it well.

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6.The Badass and the pretender

Why Girls avoid guys

Men have a new enlightened false impression (thanks to Anti-hero characters) that girls find bad boys hot. And sometimes they do. Truth is, they are attracted to the honesty those bad guys portray in accepting who they are. If you pretend to be someone you are not, bad or good, she has a sixth sense to sniff it. So, zip it dude and be yourself.

7. You Reek. Period

Why Girls avoid guys

Some people smell like stale pumpkin and are bad at maintaining hygiene. If you don’t smell good, forget having a smallest of a chance with her. Do something about that body odor, it’s killing us all!!

8. You are a Pinchpenny

Why Girls avoid guys

You go out to a restaurant with her and offer to split the bill instead of paying in full. Moreover, you don’t get her any gifts. You are a known killjoy in the group. Don’t blame us but you are despicable and a loser. No wonder she doesn’t wanna go out with you.

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9. You are downright boring

Why Girls avoid guys

You are too careful about everything. And oh, you never try something new, or something daring. Too uptight and serious all the time. Sex jokes are not your thing and you let the girl decide on everything every time cuz you have no idea. Man, you will bore her to death!

10. You are a fabricator of stories

Why Girls avoid guys

You are more than often caught cheating, lying or making up stories to avoid confrontations. And you don’t have the nerve to stand up to moral ethics and social standards. Oh, you are a weasel who is not trustworthy. Why on earth would she be with you?

11. You are unfortunately really unattractive

Why Girls avoid guys

Believe it or not, we are small, shallow creatures. We like beautiful things, at least initially. And maybe that is why so many of us get hurt and betrayed. You may not attract and excite her the way that hunk in her team does. And if she is that pretty one with a horde of lovesick puppies dying for her attention, you are way out of her league.

12. Obsessed with “you know what”

Why Girls avoid guys

Yes, all you think about is sex and that is your chief reason to date a girl. Girls can sense out that vibe with your eye movements and gestures. It grosses her out. Why would she wanna be with a pervert who just want to get laid?

13. You are an Idiot

Why Girls avoid guys

You let women use you for their benefits like a complete hoodwink in return of liking and love. Additionally, you buy them presents all the time, spend money to please them. But the girl you like knows that you are a loser who has nowhere else to go. She might pretend to like you, but she will never be with you. You are too easy.

Its apocalyptic to have any or all these reasons if you want to land up having a girlfriend. Work towards it Dude.

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