10 Reasons Why Salman Khan Is The Best Bigg Boss Host Ever, Don’t Agree? Read This

I’m not a fan of ‘Bhai’ but there is something that makes me like Salman when he is hosting Bigg Boss.

I know many of you are not a fan of Salman Khan’s acting either, just like me and no offense to anyone who worships him like a God. 

But we all have to agree that he might not be that good an actor but he is the best host for Bigg Boss.

Here are the reasons why Salman is the best Bigg Boss host ever- 

1. Salman Khan talks like a true neighborhood Aunty!

Whether Salman is praising a contestant for their performance or being angry at a contestant because they did something wrong in the house. He talks like a neighborhood aunty and cracks jokes in the same way too.

2. He can talk without speaking and everyone listens!

His expressions are enough. Salman Khan doesn’t have to speak out everything in order to make the contestants realize that they are doing something wrong or right.

3. His sarcasm! Mind-blowing!

Watching Salman Khan on the set of Bigg Boss is somewhat similar to watching a stand-up comedy. The only difference is that he is not a comedian and sometimes his jokes are not that good. Nevertheless, they make us laugh out loud every time he speaks sarcastically.

4. Salman and his friends!

I might not be an admirer of Salman Khan but he invites many other people from the industry who are my favorites. The most entertaining part is the activities that they make them do on stage.

5. He can speak the way he likes!

It doesn’t matter to him what anyone else is going to think if he shouts at someone or flirts with Katrina or other girls on the show. He’s got the bindaas attitude and style nonetheless.

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6. He’s got more than just the attitude!

He is charming, he is popular and he knows how to entertain. Salman Khan knows how to interact with the audience and contestants in the right way.

7. He can’t dance but he can dance!

Yes, his dance moves make no sense but the world still copies them and as a viewer, I like the way he moves his body and calls it dancing. Probably in the future, he will create a whole new dance style that everyone would want to learn.

8. He feels comfortable while hosting Bigg Boss!

I don’t know if you have ever noticed this or not. But every time Salman Khan is on the set of Bigg Boss, he looks super comfortable. 

9. Laughing at his own jokes! 

First of all, his laughter is unique. Moreover, he laughs at his own jokes that sometimes the contestants and audience both are unable to understand. But the way he laughs at his own jokes and other’s jokes makes the whole India laugh.

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10. The way Salman reveals the suspense!

It’s the ninth season that he is hosting and every season he has beautifully managed to accomplish the raised heartbeats of the contestants and audience with his dramatic pauses before revealing the suspense.

In Conclusion:

There is no doubt that Bigg Boss will come up with many more seasons, all I need to wait for is the confirmation that Salman is going to host them all. Else, I might not even watch. Because hey, even though he ain’t my favorite star, he is undoubtedly my favorite host!

After all, Salman Bhai me Kuch toh baat hai yar!
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