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Do You Eat In Hurry? Here Are 9 Reasons You Should Stop If You Do

In this busy life, even eating has become a task. People always eat in hurry.

Most of you grab your breakfast on the go because you know you will be late if you decide to sit down and eat it. So, what do you do? You drive while you eat or walk while you munch down that paratha your mum packed for you.

But, have you ever thought the extent of harm you are doing for your body by gulping down food? I am sure you haven’t because you think that you are eating homemade food and you should be fine. You’re wrong. And here’s why you shouldn’t eat in hurry-

1. You get bloated

Eat In Hurry

Your stomach isn’t a machine. It’s alive and you should respect it. Just so you know, your tummy requires to be in a relaxed state when it’s eating so that it can break down the food into energy. And folks, do you think you are relaxed when you are telling your body to walk or drive so that you reach office in time? You know the answer.

2. Food doesn’t get digested

Eat In Hurry

As mentioned earlier, your body needs to relax and digest food to grow your body. When you gulp down food, it gets dumped in the stomach and to be honest, your tummy just doesn’t know whether to digest it or wait for your body to relax. Result? Your food doesn’t get digested properly and you don’t feel good.

3. You feel nauseous

Eat In Hurry

Don’t assume that it’s ok to drink that healthy smoothie on the go because you don’t have time to eat. If you consume heavy smoothies, it will have the same effect on your stomach. You might even feel nauseous because milk smoothies take extra time to get absorbed completely. So, even smoothies aren’t a good idea on the go.

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4. It gets gasy

Eat In Hurry

You definitely won’t feel proud, if you fart out loud as soon as you enter the meeting room, right? Well, if you have a habit of eating your breakfast at the fastest speed possible, that day isn’t far. When you eat in hurry, the gases don’t get time to break down and it finds the exit which creates a loud noise. And you, surely won’t like it.

5. You feel uneasy

eat in hurry

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Naturally, when you have something half digested in your stomach, you don’t feel like doing anything. Be it working, or driving or even sitting. It’s all because you ate like an animal without pausing and now you are suffering the consequences. Next time you feel uneasy, you would know why.

6. Acidity grips you

eat in hurry

Of course, you will have acidity issues when you eat in hurry and also drink something acidic as most people do with their food nowadays. How about a burger and coke? Might sound yummy, but if you eat that in a hurry, you are calling out to acidity and it will surely answer. Burp!

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7. You might upset your tummy

eat in hurry

I bet you have faced the situation, where you ate something and couldn’t stop wondering why your stomach feels upset. You don’t feel like eating and surely don’t want to try anything new for the next few days. It’s because you ate something in hurry. There, now you know what happens when you eat in hurry.

8. Increased trips to the loo

eat in hurry

Oh, it sucks when you have to rush towards the loo after every five minutes. All because you didn’t take it easy on the pizza you ordered for lunch. And because you had loads of work, you hogged down the pieces like a hungry baboon. And now, you can’t do anything but sulk in the bathroom stalls while regretting it.

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9. Stomach ache can bug you

eat in hurry

Last but not least, you can suffer from bad tummy pain. It won’t be that harsh, but it will keep bugging you for several hours. It will only go away when you relax your body and finally, the tummy gets time to fix whatever you had caused because of your superfast eating.

In Conclusion:

All you need to understand from this article is that you should eat slowly and give time whenever you are consuming anything. Be it in a liquid form or solid. Give your tummy space and time. Let it relax and accept the food that you are lovingly offering it. Let it work its way to digest it.

Just remember that everyone wants to take their own time and do their own things. So, take it slow and chew properly before you gulp down anything.

At the end of the day, it’s your stomach and if it gets in trouble, so will you.

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