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6 Items That You Will Get Cheaper In 2019 Due To Reduced GST

Ache din aane waley hai!

After the announcement made by our Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, it is clear 2019 will be a little cheaper.

Recently, the 31st meeting of Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council took place. And fortunately, the results came out to be in favor of people- reduced good and service tax on several items.

Here are the 6 items that you can get cheaper in 2019.

1. Movie Tickets

Reduced GST

Now you don’t have to check your wallet twice before going on a movie date with your college crush. Effective from January 1st, GST on movie tickets has been reduced from 25% to 18%, though this will only apply on the tickets that cost more than 100 bucks.

For tickets that cost less than 100 bucks, it is only allowed to apply 12% GST, which was 18% originally.

2. TV and Computer Screens

Reduced GST

With the new budget, now you only have to pay 18% GST while buying a new TV or a computer screen. This reduced GST will be only applied to the TV screens of size 32 inches or below. If you are still using that old, LCD panel, maybe you can change it with a new IPS display in 2019.

Add some dazzle to your home decor.

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3. Power banks

Reduced GST

Personally, I hate the idea of carrying a power bank. I mean I get fed up of carrying my phone sometimes. But we are living in a digital age, we need our gadgets in working conditions all the time. Also, now that only 18% GST is applied to the power banks, maybe I’ll buy one.

I guess it will sort out the issue of my phone’s battery once and for all.

4. Video Games and Gaming Consoles

Reduced GST

Your parents might not like this one, but it is true. According to the new budget, now GST on video games and gaming consoles are reduced to 18%. It’s good that PUBG is now available on PlayStation, you can finally order one for yourself in 2019 at a cheaper price.

And on a bigger screen, I bet it will be more fun.

5. Wrist Watches

Reduced GST

2019 is going to be your time, as you can purchase your favorite watch at a lower tax rate. Watches are considered as the style statement and because of reduced GST now you can step up your game and flaunt that designer beauty on your wrist.

Now you can easily make a watch collection you always wanted to.

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6. Digital Cameras and Video Recorders

Reduced GST

As everyone is trying to become an Instagram sensation or a Youtuber, knowing that the GST tax has been slashed from 28% to 18% will certainly make you happy. Show the world your creativity through the power of your DSLR.

Tell them your story because cameras will be cheaper in 2019.

In Conclusion:

Indian government has surprised their citizens with this Christmas bonanza. Reduced GST rates will certainly feel like a warm blanket to the common people this winter. After all, what hotter than chopped off taxes?

Nothing, right? (wink)

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