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Do You Know The Right Way To Reheat Your Rice?

Rice is something that we Indians love to eat. In most of the houses, rice is cooked as the main meal. Whether you eat it daily or once in a while, you must have enjoyed it. Some like to eat rice with curry or lentil soup (daal), while some like to eat it alone.

Although people don’t like to eat stale food (baasi khana), that’s not the case with rice. That’s why it is often cooked in large quantities that can be stored for later use. Rice can be re-heated multiple times and it doesn’t really lose its taste and fragrance.

But are you doing it the right way? Are you sure that you have reheated your rice adequately? Because if not, it can hurt your stomach.

Why? What is so serious?

reheating rice

In general, people wash their rice to ensure all the dust, dirt and other toxins are separated. They store the leftover and put them into the fridge to cool down. But this can make you sick. Ideally, you should never leave freshly cooked rice out in room temperature for more than 1 hour.

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As raw rice contains harmful bacteria called Bacillus Cereus. It is hard to get rid off it even after washing your rice under the sink. That’s why it is suggested to wash rice for minimum 3-4 minutes.

The spores (bacterias) even survive the high-pressure cooking. What’s important to know is that these bacterias become more harmful when you leave hot rice sitting at the dining table for a long time. Because of the temperature change, spores become more harmful. It can cause you to vomit and even food poisoning.

And in this case, if you don’t reheat the rice in the right way. It is only going to increase the risk of getting sick (by food poisoning).

How to reheat properly?

reheating rice

While reheating you need to make sure that your food won’t lose its fragrance and taste like stale food. You also need to check that your rice is free of harmful bacteria. The right way to do it is by adding some water to the precooked rice and heat it till rice absorbs all the water.

This will make your food taste fresh and also make up for the loss of water content from your rice.

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In Conclusion:

You might have never paid attention to it before, but remember reheating rice is an important task. Also, what more important is to reheat in the right way.

It is good that now you know how to reheat your rice.

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