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What Would Eiffel Tower Look Like If One Of These Rejected Designs Was Used

Everyone knows about the iconic ‘Eiffel Tower’.

Some dream of visiting it with their loved ones and some, at least, want to witness this mesmerizing structure for real. No doubt, the structural design of this tower is magnificent, and no one would dare question that, right?

But what if I tell you that there was a lot of chance, that Eiffel Tower looked absolutely different from what it looks right now. Yeah, I am talking about the possibility, ‘What if one of the rejected designs was picked instead of the current one on which it was later created?’ The tower would look just as much iconic, or maybe not.

Check these rejected designs of Eifel tower and let me know what you think of them-

1. How about a gothic church look

Eiffel Tower Rejected design

2. Or a modified version of the current design

Eiffel Tower Rejected design

3. Or an intricate patterned conical design

Eiffel Tower Rejected design

4. Even the conical colosseum inspired look doesn’t look bad

Eiffel Tower Rejected design

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5. Or this one, that looks like a cone being carved off from sides

Eiffel Tower Rejected design

6. Maybe this one, that looks like a Skyscraper from Hong Kong

Eiffel Tower Rejected design

7. This indeed looks like an ice-cream cone, on a cone on a cone and so on

Eiffel Tower Rejected design

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8. Ok, this one looks like a gigantic screw. (Even I would have rejected it)

Eiffel Tower Rejected design

9. And this one looks inspired from Indian temples

Eiffel Tower Rejected design

10. Frankly, this one looks incomplete (Maybe that’s why it was rejected)

Eiffel Tower Rejected design

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11. This one gives me the feels of a Mughal minar

Eiffel Tower Rejected design

12. And this one looks like Eiffel tower with an extra helping of buildings on top

Eiffel Tower Rejected design

13. Way too many circles in one tower, don’t you think

Eiffel Tower Rejected design

14. Now, this looks interesting, as if it’s hollow in the middle

Eiffel Tower rejected designs

In Conclusion:

It really must have been a confusing job to pick the design for Eiffel tower. I mean, given a chance I could have picked something else. Maybe the one that looks like a colosseum or maybe the one that looked like an ice-cream cone.

Anyway, which one is your favorite from the rejected lot? Let me know.

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