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12 Relationship Advise To Women From Different Dudes, Caution: Reading This Might Raise Your Blood Pressure

A guy needs good food, less talk and lots of sex to be happy. At least that’s what the generalized idea of love is when you talk from a guy’s perspective.

Isn’t it?

And when it comes to a girl, its all about lovey-dovey fairy tale kinda love, which has hours and hours of love talks, cuddles (least sex) and oh, for girls, their guy needs to be super emotional. (And mind you, these are just for starters )

But what exactly is that which the guys look for in girls? Lets for once, hear the guy’s side and know what they love and what pisses them off to the core. No offense girls, but if you really wanna peek inside a dude’s mind, these honest confessions are what you will end up with.

Behold their answers which will pierce your heart ladies, but that’s how truth is supposed to be. Fair and square. Isn’t it? Check them out:

1. Just shut the fuck up sometimes

Relationship Advise To Women

2. Leave our fucking fries alone

Relationship Advise To Women

3. Don’t sweat the petty stuff, pet the sweaty stuff

Relationship Advise To Women

4. If you got feelings for a dude, fucking tell him

Relationship Advise To Women

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5. Keep your miserable, no man having girlfriend out of your business

Relationship Advise To Women

6. Stop friend-zoning dudes who you’re supposed to end up marrying for fuck-boys

Relationship Advise To Women

7. Don’t say you are fine…say what’s on your mind

Relationship Advise To Women

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8. Say no to outside dick

Relationship Advises To Women

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9. Don’t drop hints. Say what you mean like adults

Relationship Advises To Women

10. A man appreciates a woman that can cook for him

Relationship Advises To Women

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11. Argue one topic at a time

Relationship Advise To Women

12. Quit comparing relationships, marriages to fairy tales

Relationship Advise To Women

In Conclusion:

So…ladies, now that you know what’s the way to reach your not-so-better-half, stop wasting time and get on with it. If you are shy, start speaking up. If you crib a lot, shut it. I mean getting guys was never this easy before, right?

P.S – Just stick to the cards, if you know what we mean. 


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