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You Should Know These 10 Secrets to Make Your Resume Good

By now, I guess you already know how important it is to have a good resume. After all, it helps you to land that dream job.

Technically a resume should include all the past information of the job applicant, Information such as his employment history, education, and other pertinent information. Sound’s easy to write, right? But the problem is, everyone can’t write a good one.

This makes it hard for your resume to stand out of the crowd if you don’t know how to write a good one. Moreover, there are already enough resumes on the employer’s table and most of them tell him the same thing.

That’s why you need to read our list of 10 secrets to make your resume good. So, without further ado, lets dive in.

1. Everything you write should have to correlate with the job profile.

make your resume good

Make sure all your experiences, academics skill and everything else that is listed on your resume, correlates with the job profile you are applying for. Don’t describe your video editing skills when you are applying for an accountant’s post.

2. A half-empty resume is no option

make your resume good

Either write two pages or one, that 1.5-page resume is not a good idea. Your half blank resume, makes the employer feel like something is missing and no one wants to take the risk. By hiring someone when they know something is missing. Just take a look at your resume, do you feel there’s something missing?

3. Use at least 5 keywords from your job description

make your resume good

Though resumes are important, an employer rarely sits down to read everything on every resume. They usually just go through it from the top. And that’s the moment when the key-words on your resume shine out. Now go back and check, how many you have added in your resume.

4. 12 is the sweet and perfect font size

make your resume good

Your resume should be easy to read. The font should not be too small nor too big. That’s why, 12 is considered as the perfect size to use on a resume. Chances are you already know about this. But if didn’t, you do now.

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5. You are doing it all wrong in the summary section

makes your resume good

Traditionally, there is no summary section used in a resume, but at some places, people have included this in the modern practice. But people end up writing everything about themselves in this section. Summary section should only tell about your qualification and other information that shows you are qualified for this job.

6. Use Action verbs in every bullet point

make your resume good

To be precise, the start of every bullet point in your resume should include an action verb. Verbs like led, handled, managed, responsible for, etc. So, next time when you update your resume, switch up those common words that everyone uses and be a little different.

7. Check the verbs

make your resume good

When writing a resume, always make sure to use the correct verb tense. If you are describing your past job, all you can use is- past verbs and vice versa. Not everyone knows that it is one of the hidden secrets to make your resume good.

8. Use numbers to describe your experience

make your resume good

Your results and experiments should be clearly visible in the experience section of your resume, with numbers, whenever possible. Numbers look much solid than just words. The right combination of numbers and words is one of the secrets to make your resume good.

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9. Show the results of your past job


It is necessary to answer the question, why they should hire you. Simply by mentioning how you have added value in your previous company and mentioning those values, the employer will get understand your worth for their company.

10. Check all the grammar and spellings


Make sure there is absolutely no grammar or spelling mistakes in your resume. You are not in school now, no one expects these blunders from you. And if there is, it would create a very-very bad impression of the employer.

In Conclusion:

If you still think writing a resume is easy, think again. And don’t worry, if you think it is not easy. At least now, you know how to write a perfect resume. So, the next time you update your resume, don’t forget to use our list of 10 secrets to make your resume good.

And don’t forget to throw a party in my name after you land a new job! 

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