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What Is The Right Time To Drink Protein Shakes

Even though there are several articles on the internet, explaining the right time to drink your protein. But still, people are confused, not know whether they should drink their protein before work-out or after work-out.

The question is more common among newcomers. If you have recently decided to make good and healthy changes in your life. Aiming for that fit and muscular body, protein shakes is something that you need to incorporate in your daily diet.

As protein benefits in building all those huge muscles in your body. But what’s the right time to drink your protein shake? Well, that depends on your body goals. So first question you should ask your self is whether you are planning to muscle gain or lose weight?

Protein shakes for weight loss

protein shakes

If your goal is to lean your body by losing those extra pounds, the right time to take protein shake would be hours before you go to work out. During lunch, or in the morning during breakfast, happens to be the right time. As it suppresses your appetite by providing enough nutrition and helps it to burn fat.

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All those nutrients present in your protein shake makes you feel less hungry throughout the day. There are several studies that shows consuming protein shakes can make you consume a lesser number of calories through the day. As you are already feeling full, and that’s how protein is not just helpful for muscle gain but also for weight loss.

Protein shake for muscle gain

protein shakes

Maybe you want to gain muscles and that’s why you are opting for protein shakes. Knowing how important protein is when it comes to building muscles. There is no shame in reaping the most out of your protein shake. And of that’s the case, the right time would be to drink it in the gap of 30-45 minute after your workout.

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As during that time your body is looking for the protein that is crucial to heal, build and recover your muscles. Mix your protein powder in water so that it will help to keep your body’s metabolism up and high. This way you can easily consume more food to fuel energy to your new and growing muscles.

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In Conclusion:

Once you know what your goals are, the answer is right in from of you. The best time to drink your protein depends on your body goals. It’s good now you know all that.

All the best to your journey towards a healthy you.

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