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#RIPHumanity Is Trending On Twitter, Here’s Why

Twitter on Saturday was up with #Priyanka_Reddy trending following #RIPPriyanka_Reddy that was trending yesterday. Twitteratis and the whole nation is expressing its anger on the brutality of the happenings that unfolded on Wednesday late night.

The horrific rape incident of a veterinary doctor Priyanka Reddy where the culprits burned her alive was a harsh wake-up call about the condition of women’s safety in the country. Unfortunately, Priyanka’s was not the only case that shook the nation, there were similar cases from Jharkhand, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Chandigarh.

The heinousness of these crimes has faded away the concept of humanity. Bringing this to highlight Twitter saw #RIPHumanity which is a strong reaction to such horrific incidents and points out that these culprits are not human and are worse than animals.

The hashtag also highlighted the hatred and prejudices against females where she is either killed in the womb in the first place or is subjected to such barbarity. India which is a land where women are worshipped as goddess shows an altogether different outlook when it comes to acceptance of women as an equal half of men.

Furthermore, the low conviction rate in cases related to rapes and the lack of police sensitization makes the victims feel the pressure and guilt rather than being consoled or stood by at such a time.

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The trends on Twitter that we are seeing since yesterday would be of no means if there is no change at the root level. Grooming of men at school, college, and family level and development of an idea in the society that women are and will always be equal to men is the only long term solution and a possible way ahead.

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